Enrique Gil whips up his Tofu Bicol Express in Caldero Files

What food to prepare for our family (or to yourself just in case you currently live alone) everyday has been a struggle for many of us, especially now that majority of us are at home due to quarantine. Thus, in order to help you with your daily woes, OKS online cooking program Caldero Files is here to the rescue!

One of the plethora of offerings that can be found on the network’s newest digital hub Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS,)Caldero Files gives us a glimpse on the facets of some of our favorite Kapamilya celebrities that we probably have not seen yet – as a family member and a “master” of their kitchens! It features them cooking their favorite recipes that are easy on the budget, unique and simple, and which ingredients are readily available in the house!

And for its pilot episode on oks.abs-cbn.com, Make It With You leading man Enrique Gil willingly imparted his yummy and sizzling Tofu Bicol Express!

For some minutes, he took the apron and ladle away from their dutiful Mommy Bambi and got in-charge of their kitchen as he enthusiastically demonstrated how to cook then plate the well-loved certified Filipino dish, as well as enumerating its affordable and easy-to-find ingredients.

While watching Enrique, many of us arguably couldn’t help but miss his character Gabo, who we haven’t seen for more than two months now since productions were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as he exuded his sense of humor and innate playfulness as he cooks.

As soon as he’s finished, he delightfully brought it to his Mommy Bambi and younger sister Andie for them to taste. Both were obviously pleased with the outcome of his Tofu Bicol Express, which is truly impressive since he admitted not being so fond of cooking. Good job, Quen!

Who will be the next Kapamilya celebrity to show off his/her hidden talent in cooking and share his/her favorite recipe? Well, let’s find out by not missing the next episode of “Caldero Files,” every Thursday at 12 noon, on oks.abs-cbn.com!