Alex Gonzaga delights viewers with Kinalderetang Corned Beef recipe, funny punchlines in Caldero Files

We usually see Alex Gonzaga as a jolly and eloquent host and versatile actress who never failed to make us laugh with her unmistakable and innate sense of humor that she exhibits in her every appearance may it be on television or film, not to mention her vivacity as a vlogger in her video blogs.

But for this episode of the Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) celebrity cooking program “Caldero Files, we see her in a different light as she showcases her kitchen skills for the first time by teaching us how to cook “Kinalderetang Corned Beef”.

Now that the country is placed under community quarantine, most of us have either received relief packs from the government and other private organizations or individuals or stock up on non-perishable items, which usually consist of canned goods such as corned beef. And just in case you’re already running out of ideas what to do with it, then this easy-to-do and affordable dish that is Gonzaga Family-approved is a must-try!

Admitting that she’s a first-timer when it comes to cooking, since she used to devote most her time at work and in her other activities, the Home Sweetie Home star and I Can See Your Voice Sing-vestigator sought the help of her sous-chef – her Uncle Jojo – to assist her in the process.

As she cooks, Alex never misses to inject her droll punch lines and jokes that definitely made this second episode of “Caldero Files extra delighting to watch, as if we’re only watching one of her vlogs. We won’t bore you anymore by detailing the ingredients she used and the step-by-step procedure of preparing “Kinalderetang Corned Beef”, so you better click on the play button for you to find out!

She capped off the episode by jestingly prodding her beloved parents Daddy Bonoy and Mommy Pinty and her Uncle Jojo to taste it, which they apparently all liked!

Who among our favorite Kapamilya stars will be the next one to share his/her budget-friendly yet delicious recipe and showcase his/her hidden cooking talent as well? Find out by not missing an episode of “Caldero Files that premieres every Thursday at 12 noon on OKS.abs-cbn.com!