Caldero Files: Fumiya Sankai prepares sumptuous luncheon meat curry dish

Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s Konnichi Wonder-Vlogger ng Japan Fumiya Sankai prepared a Japanese style Filipino dish, Luncheon Meat Curry while in his homeland together with his family. Fumiya, who last appeared on Make It With You, said he also misses the Philippines and his Kapamilya fans since leaving the country before the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

In this episode of “Caldero Files on Online Kapamilya Shows, Fumiya prepared a popular simple dish that is a favorite among Filipinos but with a Japanese twist! Aside from being budget-friendly, it’s also a very unique and simple recipe. First, he went to the supermarket to buy all of the ingredients that he would be using which include luncheon meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, curry powder, flour, and butter, salt, and milk.

While preparing his concoction, Fumiya shared some of his stories about living in the Philippines. He said he stayed in the country first to study English and later on began vlogging.  He added he also wanted to serve as a friendly “bridge” between the Japanese and the Filipinos.

In his younger years in Japan, Fumiya said he had to stay for five years in Tokyo for his studies and all throughout his sojourn in Japan’s capital city, he learned to be independent. But he admitted when he moved here in our country, he realized how strikingly different Japanese and Filipino cultures were. Although he could hardly speak English during that time, the adjustment period was not really hard at all because, he said, Filipinos are really very kind.

Fumiya added that once he can go back to the Philippines, he would spend time and hang out with his friends from PBB, especially Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette, and his “spiritual brother” PBB Ultim8 Big Winner Yamyam Gucong. He told us that he also misses to act, and to interact with his fans whenever they’d have mall tours and concerts. Well, we also miss you here in the Philippines, Fumiya!

Watch how his Luncheon Meat Curry turned out and know the “verdict” he got from his dad and his brother in this episode of “Caldero Files, which streams on OKS.abs-cbn.com.