Carlos proves to Gael he is JR
In last night’s episode, Gael is about to push Carlos over the bridge and Carlos dares him to do it. “Sige, gawin mo! Kasi ginawa mo na rin naman sa akin ito noon di ba?”

Gael can’t believe what he’s hearing and asks Carlos what he means. Carlos replies, “Binenta mo ako noon!”

Gael lashes back, “Hindi ikaw si JR. Hindi ikaw ang kapatid ko! Kung buhay man ang kapatid ko, hindi siya lalaking katulad mo. Bastos at mamamatay tao.”

However, Carlos reminds Gael of how he bought tira-tira and fed it to him when they were living under the bridge. Carlos recalls how Gael taught him how to escape from a rope bind. Carlos also tells him how they had a father who beat them up.

Gael is shocked. Does he still doubt Carlos is JR?

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