Carlos and Gael's Boxing Match trends on Twitter; "Bridges" still rules time slot vs new rival show
Carlos and Gael's fist fight was a hot topic last night among netizens as the intense face-off in the hit primetime series "Bridges of Love" trended online.

Netizens tuned in to Carlos taking his rivalry with Gael to the boxing ring and finally confronted the man who betrayed his trust. Some people expressed through tweets how tensed they felt watching Carlos beat Gael up, while some shared how hot the two were boxing without their shirts on.

Before Tuesday's episode, Gael already generated buzz online last Monday (May 11) after he handed to Mia's father the blueprint of the house he supposedly designed for both of them if they ended up together. Carlos, however, saw the blueprint that further ignited his jealousy.

The episode was very well received by viewers across the country that it hit a national TV rating of 21.2% versus GMA's newly launched series "The Rich Man's Daughter" with only 16.4%. Keep watching the story like no other of "Bridges of Love" weeknights after "Forevermore" on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

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