5 Most Kilig Scenes in ‘Born For You’

Tomorrow night, September 16, “Born For You” will air its final episode. Throughout the series, we have witnessed how Kevin (Elmo Magalona) and Sam (Janella Salvador) connect because of their mutual love for music. Aside from that, the two are believed to be connected by the Red String of Fate, an ancient Japanese myth about two people destined to meet and fall in love with each other. Today, before we say goodbye to SamVin, let us look back at the 5 most kilig scenes in the primetime series.

1. The First Duet

Kevin continued to follow Sam wherever she went, even at the park where she usually sang. While she was singing “Yume Dake Da” (the Japanese version of Yeng Constantino’s “Pangarap Lang”), he eventually joined her and he sang the Filipino lyrics. The two made beautiful music together, which entertained the locals and the tourists.

2. The Accidental Kiss

While Kevin was lecturing Sam about being a good road manager, she unexpectedly fell asleep inside the car. When the driver of the car suddenly hit the brakes, the lips of the sleeping Sam accidentally kissed Kevin’s cheek. They were both very surprised with what happened.

3. The Helicopter Ride

Since Sam had an intense phobia of heights, Kevin comforted her during their helicopter ride to Batangas. He transferred to the seat beside her and he slowly held her tightly. He then assured her that she was safe because he was there for her.

4. The Dance Rehearsal

In the middle of a rehearsal for a dance routine, Kevin suddenly fell and Sam was able to catch him. The two shared a romantic moment when they were staring at each other’s eyes while they were lying on the floor.

5. The Big Question

After winning in the lottery, Sam became Kevin’s Princess For A Few. It was a reality show that showed him treating her like a princess. During its last day, in front of their loved ones and fans, he knelt down and asked her out loud “May I be your Prince for tonight?”, and without hesitation, she smiled and replied “Yes, you may.”.

Don’t miss more kilig scenes of Kevin and Sam in the last few episodes of “Born For You”, weeknights after “Till I Met You” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.