5 Surprises of Kevin to Sam in ‘Born For You’

Every night in “Born For You”, we get to watch the budding love story of Kevin (Elmo Magalona) and Sam (Janella Salvador). This Friday, their romantic journey will have a concert and live finale ending at the Kia Theater, but before that, let us look back at 5 romantic surprises that Kevin prepared for Sam.

Kevin conspired a plan in order for him to spend time with Sam. He ordered flowers for “Mr. Destiny” at the shop where she was working. She personally delivered the bouquet and even performed the song request “Pangarap Lang”. When he turned around, she was shocked and happy at the same time to finally see him again.

When Sam was still working as Kevin’s road manager, she received a very special gift from him. Kevin surprised her with a red string of fate bracelet that matched his, saying that he never considered her as his road manager but his inspiration. He mentioned that the bracelets represented them being partners then he confessed his feelings for her.

Sam and Kevin had a weekend getaway after their workshop. While on their way to their destination, he prepared a surprise date overlooking the beautiful scenery for the two of them. He then admitted to her that he arranged everything because that someone special deserved something special.

Sam received a special and romantic surprise, which was witnessed by her family and loved ones. Kevin shared to his friends that if Martin (Keith Thompson) sent her lots of flowers at her hotel room in London, he sent her lots of balloons at her house in the Philippines. He wanted her to feel special because for him, she deserved nothing but the best.

While rehearsing the song “Born For You”, Sam was surprised when she suddenly heard Kevin’s voice outside of the window. When she went out to the balcony, she saw him serenading her with his guitar. When she finally went down to see him, he revealed that he just wanted to offer that song for her like what he did in Japan.


Sam received another surprise visit from Kevin at her house. He bought and prepared ingredients for the lunch that he would be cooking for her and her family as one way of showing that he’s serious about courting her.

Witness more surprises in the kilig love story of Kevin and Sam. Don’t miss the last few episodes of “Born For You”, weeknights after “Till I Met You” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.