REVIEW: Reasons why you shouldn’t miss the premiere of upcoming teleserye Born For You

Do you believe in the myth of the red string of fate?

According to Japanese folklore, there is an invisible and unbreakable red string that attaches two individuals who are meant to be together. Hence, no matter the circumstances and where they may be in the world, fate gives them a hand at crossing paths.

This is the main concept that inspired the upcoming primetime teleserye, Born For You which had their “Red String Premiere” at the Trinoma Cinema 7 last Saturday, June 11.

Having moved to Japan with her mother at 7 years old after her father died, Sam works many sidelines in order to help her mother make ends meet. When Kevin, a very popular singer in the Philippines, went to Japan, he encounters hardworking Sam and eventually falls in love. It is safe to say that destiny is helping them get together as several instances lead them to meet again and again. While they seem to have discovered a connection because of music, they still have yet to discover how connected their pasts are.

Starring Janella Salvador and new Kapamilya actor Elmo Magalona, the Onat Diaz and Jon Villarin light drama tells the interconnected, not to mention magical, story of two adolescents who share a passion for music, Sam and Kevin.

Without spoiling the first few episodes of the show, here’s why you should be excited to watch Born For You starting on Monday, June 20.

1. Brace yourself for sure kilig moments brought to you by the newest Kapamilya love team, ‘ElNella’
2. Get ready to catch the last song syndrome with the Japanese version of Yeng Constantino’s Pangarap Lang and the show’s theme song, Born For You
3. Get cool ideas from Janella’s so kawaii fashion style
4. See the beauty of Japan and their culture specifically through the red string legend