The Love Team Journey of Sam and Kevin

The primetime teleserye “Born For You” has shown us the unique love story of Kevin (Elmo Magalona) and Sam (Janella Salvador). In the series, she became his interpreter when he had a concert in Japan. When she flew to the Philippines to pursue her dream, she became his road manager. After quitting, she won and became his Princess for a Week and she became a celebrity as well. Eventually, she was paired with him and they officially became a love team.

Tonight, their journey will culminate through a concert and live finale at the Kia Theater, but before that, let us look back at the kilig love team journey of SamVin. 

Sam and Kevin were formally introduced as a love team in a press conference.

Before recording an album, the two participated in a music camp as part of their training.

They also attended a bonding and familiarity workshop to help them get to know each other even more.

Sam and Kevin recorded a duet version of the song “Born For You” as part of their album.

They entertained their fans with their performance of their song on the Sunday variety show “ASAP”.

When Sam became emotional during their interview, Kevin reached out to her and kissed her hand.

After thanking each other, Sam assured Kevin that she would work hard for their love team.

When they appeared on the radio show of DJ Chacha, they answered several questions to check how well they knew each other.

During their music video shoot, Sam and Kevin said “I love you” to each other.

When SamVin visited London for Barrio Fiesta, they were interviewed by the press.

They performed and entertained their fans in London during the Barrio Fiesta.

When they returned to DJ Chacha’s radio show, the two were asked about the status of their relationship.

During a press conference, Sam defended Kevin about the issue regarding Nina (Ysabel Ortega).

The two received a new endorsement as they started preparations for their album launch.

SamVin officially launched their album. Also, during their guesting on the talk show “Tonight With Boy Abunda”, they officially admitted the real status of their relationship.

However, everything changed when Sam’s mother, Cathy (Vina Morales), found out about the lies of Kevin’s parents, Marge (Ayen Munji-Laurel) and Mike (Ariel Rivera). She told her daughter to end her relationship with Kevin.

Will the love team journey of Sam and Kevin still have a happily ever after?

Don’t miss the end of their journey. Catch the concert and live finale of “Born For You” tonight after “Till I Met You” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.