5 Most Kilig Duets in ‘Born For You’

Every night in “Born For You”, we get to watch the kilig love story of Kevin Sebastian (Elmo Magalona), a celebrity heartthrob, and Sam Kazuko (Janella Salvador), a hopeless romantic.

The two are believed to be connected by the Red String of Fate, an ancient Japanese myth about two people destined to meet and fall in love with each other. Throughout the weeks, we have witnessed how Kevin and Sam connect because of their mutual love for music. Today, let us look back at their 5 most kilig duets in the top-rating series.

Kevin continued to follow Sam wherever she went, even at the park where she usually sang. While she was singing “Yume Dake Da” (the Japanese version of Yeng Constantino’s “Pangarap Lang”), he eventually joined her and sang the Filipino lyrics. Kilig!

During the Princess for a Week Grand Ball, Kevin serenaded Sam with “Born For You” in front of their family and friends. In the middle of his performance, he asked her to sing with him. Kilig!

In the music camp they attended, Sam and Kevin performed “Ikaw”, another hit song of Yeng Constantino, in front of the other participants and their mentors. Kilig!

Kevin and Sam made beautiful music together when they gave a new interpretation of the hit song “Born For You” during the recording session for their album. Kilig!

As guests of the Sunday afternoon show “ASAP”, Sam and Kevin entertained the live audience by performing a romantic rendition of their duet song “Born For You”. Kilig!

Don’t miss more kilig moments of Kevin and Sam every night in “Born For You”, Mondays to Fridays after “Dolce Amore” in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.