Luis and Bayani host another fun episode of Bingo Ka ‘Day

Good vibes and laughter rain down on the fourth episode of OKS’ (Online Kapamilya Shows)Bingo Ka ‘Day.” Spearheaded by Luis Manzano, the show picks six lucky participants starting off with seafarer on quarantine Phil Benitez. Battling with him are homeowners’ association president Maria Caubat, ‘pasa-buy’ delivery boy Enrique Trinidad Jr., mom of a cancer warrior Annalie Gernan, online seller and on-cam talent Ansheri Garganera. The last contestant is a house caretaker from Davao City Robert Luna.

Joining Luis is Team Kalabaw’s resident genius and comedian Bayani Agbayani as the game announcer. For this week, the players must complete four corner boxes to win.

The first number to pop out is ‘28’ followed by ‘31’ both encircled on Annalie’s card. However, her luck starts to stifle a bit in the next draws. Certified ‘raketera’ Ansheri is the underdog of this bunch, with an unmarked bingo card until the 7th ball. 

Ansheri’s game gets better by the 8th draw, ticking her first number and, then, followed by ’55.’ Bayani calls out the next combination, which places Enrique on the verge of winning. After three more turns, Enrique eagerly shows his card bearing triple possible wins. But, luck surely knows how to make things exciting. The tables turn in an instant when, after just two draws, Maria announces that she’s also a single number close to victory. 

Maria needs a G-47 to finish the game but Bayani gets an I-16 next. Adrenaline escalates more when the comedian calls out the letter G thereafter. BINGO! Maria sweeps the winning pattern within just 20 draws.