Sing-vestigators get competitive in ‘laughtrip’ BINGO game!

In the comfort of their own home, Team Kalabaw serves us their trademark comedy and kulitan on the pilot episode of “BINGO Ka Day,” a digital take on the typical Pinoy BINGO game with winning patterns limited only to horizontal combinations. The cash prize amounting to 3,000 pesos will be donated by the Singvestigators to their chosen beneficiaries.

The show kicks off with host Luis Manzano musing on life during the ECQ, saying he noticed that time is just oddly flying by. He then asks the Singvestigators their biggest discovery while stuck at home. Apart from being the household’s handyman, Bayani Agbayani takes on his new role as a lolo to his eldest daughter’s newborn son. The proud grandpa says that Baby Santiago Vito looks like his mini version, prompting Luis to jestingly comment, “good luck sa batang ‘yon!”

Kaladkaren spends the ECQ honing her cooking expertise, adding up homemade garlic chilli oil in the list of her recently learned recipes. The equally domesticated Wacky Kiray says he was able to maximize the creative ways of serving canned sardines from torta to ginisa to boneless and sinigang. Angeline Quinto tells a story on how she consumed three different egg dishes in a day. Meanwhile, Alex Gonzaga has been totally in love with her Mommy Pinty’s tuna sandwich recipe.

The game begins! Wacky is tasked to draw and announce the numbers while Luis serves as the watcher; and the rest of the Singvestigators act as players. Of course, Wacky adds extra twist by donning different personalities all throughout. Good thing his wig collection always comes in handy!

The lucky ball is on Kian’s side as the game kicks off and it continues this way until the last minute, giving him the biggest advantage. The underdog Alex manages to recover in the middle of the set and so does Kaladkaren. The game gets more exciting as the trio displays their competitive spirits. Meanwhile, Angeline’s stars are yet to blow her with luck. Andrew E’s card remains unmarked while Bayani just keeps on goofing around as if not taking the game seriously.

Andrew E finally gets a point by the 16th ball while Kian and Alex move closer to victory. Angeline keeps up, nonetheless.

After a few more draw, Angeline and Kaladkaren are on the verge of losing hope and instead assume that either Kian or Alex, rooting for only one hit before a win, would yell ‘bingo’ in any moment. But, in a surprising twist, the last ball belongs to Bayani, giving him the last mark to complete the bottom squares. BINGO!

Bayani plans to make use of the cash prize in packing relief goods for families around Quezon City.

To end the show, Luis invites interested gamers to send in their ECQ stories along with their contact numbers to BKDBINGOKADAY@gmail.com. Watch out for the next episode of “Bingo Ka Day” every Saturday at 6PM plus other fresh digital content on OKS or Online Kapamilya Shows.