Alex joins Luis as first-time BINGO master in Bingo Ka ‘Day

Here’s another round of BINGO game peppered with rollicking fun and brought to us by OKS’ (Online Kapamilya Shows) “Bingo Ka ‘Day.” In this episode, host Luis Manzano was joined by first-time assistant game master Alex Gonzaga, who had candid revelations about their friendship.

The banter kicked off with Luis asking Alex about that one painful experience she managed to overcome easily. Alex acted on the verge of tears and said there was a point in her life when her impulsive emotions got the best of her. After having been taunted, Luis recalled gatecrashing Alex’s debut party, which only prompted Alex to reveal, “Noong time na ‘yun akala ko may chance ka sa Ate ko. Binasted po siya ng Ate ko!”

Luis cut the ‘bukingan’ portion and instead got the ball rolling. This episode’s five lucky players are Zumba instructor Laarni De Guzman, factory worker Norbie Ong, on-call massage therapist Cindy Martinez, pineapple farmer and vendor Reynaldo Pepito, and house helper Alicia Botinga. The first player to complete any straight or diagonal pattern gets to win.

The number ‘68’ popped out first, a good start for most of the players. One dominant contestant in this game was Cindy and her luck continued to soar until the next draws. While he wasn’t the only ‘kulelat’ in the first few rounds, the gregarious Norbie kept on expressing his frustrations. He even asked Alex to shake the numbers better, to which the actress jestingly replied with, “Alog na alog na. Nagkaka-earthquake na nga dito sa amin!”     

By the 6th ball and the other four contestants on the verge of giving up, Alex realized, “Malas ako sa lahat ng game show baka first time na walang manalo dito.” So, to fight the bad luck, Luis showed off his sexy dance moves.

Luis’ lucky dance worked like magic as Norbie managed to keep up beginning by the 9th draw. And by the 16th call, Cindy, Norbie, and Reynaldo were all ‘namumuro’ while Alicia remained as the underdog until the end of the game. Two more draws thereafter, Cindy was declared as the winner with B 5 – I 16 – N 33 – G 51 – O 61 combination.

Luis wrapped up the show by thanking the players and inviting everyone to catch the next episode of “Bingo Ka ‘Day” on OKS.abs-cbn.com.