When your cute and cuddly tot becomes a “Bet On Your Baby” BabyNaryo

Bet On Your Baby is more than just the cutest gameshow on Philippine television. It also turns your cute and cuddly bundles of joy into kid millionaires tagged as “BabyNaryos”.

This is when the kid’s parent or relative smashes the right piggy bank with the million-peso tag inside in the jackpot “Basaginang Baboy” round. There have been several BabyNaryos in its past two seasons and it is but fitting to look back and find out those babies who brought home the ultimate prize with their moms and dads.

So before heading on to the newest serving of the show, hosted by the Queen of Drama Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, let’s get to know some of these BabyNaryos from Seasons 1 and 2.

Baby Ciana

He might be the ‘Hari ng Rebuttals’ in the Philippine fliptoparena but rapper Wendell Gatmaitan, popularly known as Dello, proved that he could also slay it in the game show as he, his wife Erika, and their baby Ciana took home the P1 million jackpot making them the first-ever grand prize winner.

Baby Denroi

Denz, Lhett, and baby son Denroi Tol jumped for joy as they luckily smashed open the piggy that contained the P1 million grand prize on their second try.

Before the start of the “Basagin ang Baboy” round, Mommy Lhett said that if they were to win the jackpot, it would all go to their son’s education and house renovation.

Baby Gummy

Actress and single mom Bettina Carlos and daughter Gummy notched the third million the show has given away as Bettina’s brother Ali broke open the piggy bank with the jackpot inside. It seemed that Ali and her girlfriend’s anniversary brought charm as the former picked the number 9 piggy bank, and siblings won. Prior to their winning moment, the actress cheerfully exclaimed that if ever they would take home the P1 million, she would buy more milk and diapers for her daughter.

Baby Ashton

Daddy Celo Jumaquio didn’t have to pedal all day and all night as his family struck gold in the gameshow after breaking the right piggy bank in the jackpot round just in the first try.

The pedicab driver, accompanied by his wife Len and son Ashton, was emotional as he explained the reason behind choosing piggy bank number 10.

"Kasi 'yung araw na to, memorable para sa akin. 'Yan kasi yungaraw na nawala kuya ko eh. Masaya po sana ngayon peromalungkot kasi wala na ang kuya ko," he said.

Juday had some comforting words for Celo before handing out the hammer: "I'm sure binabantayan ka ni kuya ngayon, daddy."

Baby twins Cassey and Polly

Bet On Your Baby celebrated their fifth BabyNaryo (or BabyNaryos rather) as baby twins Cassey and Polly, who was with their Daddy Mic Caluma and Mommy Trudie, didn’t only bring cuteness, but charm as well in their family’s game.

Before the final round started, Mic related that if they won the grand cash prize, it directly go to the education of their children. "Unang-una para sa education nila kasi dalawa sila kung iaasanamin sa mga trabaho, may pagkakataon mahirapan kami, perokung palarin, secure na sila."

Baby Mischka

Aside from being a singer and YouTube sensation covering OPM songs, Mommy Anna Rabtsun-Baylosis has gotten another title as a ‘millionaire’ after her family became the sixth group of contestants to clinch the P1 million grand prize of the hit gameshow.

In their introduction, Anna and his husband Erick recounted how their romance bloomed, how she loves the Philippines and its people, and how their baby boy Mischka as a son. The singer also showed off her rapping skills by singing Gloc-9’s ‘Sirena’ and indeed nailed it like a pro.

Baby Leroy

Baby Leroy Alba, a two-year old genius who was featured in Kapamilya news and current affairs shows “Rated K” and “TV Patrol” for his highly-impressive cognitive skills, was hailed as the seventh BabyNaryo.

The Batangueño kiddo’s ability to count, write, and navigate himself through a desktop computer caught the attention of the public and even the praises of the Bet On Your Baby host. It was his grandfather, Benching Mendoza, who smashed the winning piggy bank number 1 containing the 1 million-peso tag chosen by Leroy himself. With his Mommy Leslie, Baby Leroybrought home a total of P1,010,000.

Baby Gian

Baby Gian of the Bulaon Family became the eighth BabyNaryoof the hit game show as his parents, Daddy Rap-Rap and Mommy Chen, chose the piggy bank number 4 which held the most coveted one-million peso jackpot.

Aside from finishing his studies in order to help their family, the couple aspires for their son to become an actor someday. They also assured that the money will be used for his education. House and Lot Winners

Apart from winning the jackpot cash prize of P1 million, contestants also have a chance of winning another dream prize: a house and lot worth P2 million. Here are two winning families of this coveted prize.

McMahon family

In December 2013, Bet On Your Baby began giving away a fully-furnished, brand new house and lot. And the McMahon Family is the initial recipient. Due to the great happiness and surprise he felt, Daddy David suddenly knelt infront of her wife Annaliza and son Matthew after smashing the piggy bank that contained the house and lot. Icapin family

A slum dwelling family who lived in a shanty under a bridge also won beautiful house and lot of their dreams. The Icapinfamily, who only lived in a makeshift abode out of scrap wood beneath a bridge along C-3 Road, found deliverance with their jackpot triumph on Bet On Your Baby.

It was Mommy Badette Icapin who smashed the winning piggy bank with the house and lot tag.

More BabyNaryos and house and lot winners are sure to emerge victorious in Season 3 of Bet On Your Baby, which premieres May 13 (Saturday) 5:15PM and May 14 (Sunday) 5PM.