7 Times ‘Be My Lady’ Made Us Laugh with the Bibe Song

A childhood song made its way into a daytime drama favorite "Be My Lady." The nursery rhyme titled "Tatlong Bibe" was sung a number of times around and with Pinang's lot of the poultry. The ducks weren’t even there at one point!

May tatlong bibe akong nakita
Mataba, mapayat mga bibe
Ngunit ang may pakpak
Sa likod na iisa
Siya ang lider na nagsabi ng
Kwak, kwak, kwak.

Here are seven times they made us laugh with the the Bibe Song and Dance.

1) Poultry Farmers Teach Phil the Bibe Song

Three caretakers of Pinang's ducks told innocent Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) that they can make the livestock behave through song and dance. As it turns out, they were referring to the children's song "Tatlong Bibe". Like the Three Stooges, Roger, Arsing, and Badong made a fool of themselves just to make Phil believe in their "magic" song.

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2) Phil Tries to Catch the Runaway Duck

When one duck escaped from the cage, Phil ran after it only to find it resting on top of Pinang's (Erich Gonzales) reviewers for school. He remembered the song that would allegedly control and discipline the domesticated bird. While doing the whole routine, Pinang found her and laughed at what he's doing.

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