5 Traits of A ‘Dalagang Pilipina’ Like Pinang

In the top-rating daytime series “Be My Lady”, Pinang (Erich Gonzales) has proved that she is not the stereotypical millennial that is lazy, entitled and selfish. Throughout the months, she has showed us that there are also millennials like her that have traditional Filipino values. Today, let us list down the 5 good traits of Pinang that make her a “dalagang Pilipina”.

1. Family-oriented

Pinang has showed us that she is a very selfless daughter to Emil (Al Tantay) and Marcy (Janice de Belen) and a thoughtful sister to Mackie (RK Bagatsing) and Julian (Yves Flores). She has proved that her family always comes first because she is always there for them when they need her and she will do everything for them.

2. Patient

When Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) showed interest and courted her, she proved that she is a traditional “dalagang Pilipina” when she didn’t immediately say yes to him. Instead, she spent time to get to know him first because she believes that people shouldn’t rush things especially getting into a relationship. After getting to know each other for a long time, she officially became his girlfriend when the time was already right for the both of them.

3. Religious

Despite all the problems and challenges her family went through, Pinang prayed and thanked the Lord for all the blessings they have received. She expressed her gratitude to Him and acknowledged that He is the reason for all the good things that are happening in their lives.

4. Hardworking

Aside from being a loving daughter and sister, Pinang is also a caring and dedicated nurse like her friends Nars (MJ Cayabyab) and Migi (Karen Dematera). She will do anything to help others and make the lives of her patients easier. She serves as an inspiration and her hardwork has been applauded by Doc JM (Geoff Eigenmann) and her other colleagues.

5. Cheerful

Pinang is definitely a good example why Filipinos are considered as one of the happiest people on Earth. She can lighten things up during unpleasant situations and she still exudes a very positive energy despite the many struggles and difficulties in her life. Her smile is contagious and she really makes everyone around her happy as well.

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