10 Filipino Things Phil Did For Love-Part 2

6. Wear the barong tagalog.

In the middle of the night, Phil offered a heartwarming poem to Pinang while wearing the national costume of the Philippines for men, the barong tagalog.

7. Look for sineguelas.

At the market, Phil tried looking for the seasonal fruit called sineguelas for Pinang’s sick father, Tatay Emil (Al Tantay).

8. Sing a harana.

In front of Pinang’s family and friends, Phil serenaded Pinang or performed a harana with the romantic song “Be My Lady”.

9. Cook adobo.

Phil asked Nanay Marcy (Janice de Belen) to teach him how to cook the local dish called adobo, a tangy chicken and/or pork stew with soy sauce, and prepared it for Pinang.

10. Eat fishballs again.

Just like their first “date”, Phil brought Pinang to a fish ball stand and enjoyed eating the famous Filipino street food.

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