10 Filipino Things Phil Did For Love

In “Be My Lady”, the love story of Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) and Pinang (Erich Gonzales) proved that interracial relationships can work. Because of Pinang, Phil has slowly become more Filipino. Throughout the months, Phil went through a lot, from courting Pinang the Filipino way and now, they are married. Today, before we formally say goodbye the top-rating daytime series, let us look back at the 10 Filipino things he did for love.

1. Eat fishballs.

Phil and Pinang spent a friendly first “date” eating fish balls on the street.

2. Celebrate fiesta.

During the town’s fiesta or celebration, Phil danced with the farmers and other locals.

3. Igib water.

After the got dirty in the mud, Phil volunteered to pump or igib water for Pinang.

4. Try dinuguan.

While eating with their friends, Phil tried a local dish, a Filipino savory stew made from pork and pig blood called dinuguan.

5. Sing at the videoke.

During a karaoke or videoke night with friends, Phil sang the Portuguese version of the song “Be My Lady”.

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