How to Win A Lady’s Heart: 19 Lessons Every Guy Should Learn from Phil

You’ve met this wonderful girl you’re crazy about. You think and talk about her nonstop. You go through your day now with this silly grin on your face. Suddenly, every day is just peachy perfect.

So what do you do now? Do you immediately swoop in and sweep her off her feet? Or do you patiently bide your time for now and admire her from a distance? Can’t make up your mind about your next move? Don’t fret. You can definitely draw inspiration from Philip Oliveira (Daniel Matsunaga), who’s better-known as Phil from the hit Kapamilya PrimeTanghali series “Be My Lady.”

Phil has been gaining the affection of a lot of Filipinas lately with his sweet gestures and tireless efforts in trying to win the heart of his love interest, Filipina “Pinang” Crisostomo (Erich Gonzales). That Phil is a Brazilian guy raised in Singapore who has a knack for expressing his love Filipino style just makes him even more appealing to the ladies. His sincerity, childlike eagerness, and charming smile makes even Pinang, who’s sworn off romance, fall for him little by little.

So read on and start mastering Phil’s 19 tried-and-tested ways of winning a lady’s heart. And remember, if you love her, you’ll find a hundred more ways because, like they say, no one worth having will ever come easy.

1. Surprise her with her favorite flowers. Just be sure they’re the right ones.



2. Be silly. It will earn you a minute of her precious laughter.



3. Always let her know she’s beautiful in your eyes.



4. Try out new things with her. Let her know you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone for her.



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