5 Signs That Show Margaret And Julian Are In Love

Every morning in the top-rating daytime teleserye “Be My Lady”, we get to watch the kilig love story of Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) and Pinang (Erich Gonzales). Aside from Phil and Pinang, there’s also a booming love story between two other characters, Margaret (Loisa Andalio) and Julian (Yves Flores). Today, we will list down 5 signs that show Margaret and Julian are definitely in love with each other.

1. They can’t help but stare at each other.

During a project discussion in class, Julian and Margaret were very distracted. They reminisced some of their sweet moments together and found themselves staring at each other.

2. They care and look out for each other.

While carrying their school project, Margaret always fell of the stairs but Julian immediately rushed to her and caught her. The two kept on showing their care by looking out for each other whenever one of them needed help.

3. They slowly open up to each other.

Julian opened up to Margaret about his family’s problems and how he felt being unable to help finance the hospital bills for his father while Margaret also shared some of her personal issues about her family. They tried to comfort and cheer up one another.

4. They keep on texting each other.

When they were not together, Julian and Margaret couldn’t help but think and check up on each other. They kept on exchanging messages through text that caught the attention of their friends. Their friends teased them and asked about the real score of their relationship.

5. They smile when they see each other.

Julian and Margaret couldn’t help but smile when they finally saw each other at school. As their entire world slowed down, their eyes sparkled and exuberated indescribable happiness and excitement.

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