What makes audiences watch ‘Be My Lady?’

The newest daytime series Be My Lady starring real life couple Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga successfully opened last week with its pilot episode garnering a strong 18.7% in the national ratings with its rival show earning only 8.2%, according to Kantar Media.
In case you missed why it was received well by viewers nationwide, here’s a quick review of the show’s episodes for the first week.
Centering on the lives of the close-knit Crisostomos, family matriarch Marcy decided to work as a domestic helper abroad in order to help pay their debts. 
Although difficult, Marcy left for Singapore where she met her new boss, a wealthy businesswoman named Chelsea who has an unruly son, Phil. 

One day, Phil decided to steal a necklace from a shop after remembering Marcy’s advice to make his mother feel special. However, when the storeowner asked him about it, he immediately slipped it inside Marcy’s bag who consequently got arrested and deported to the Philippines.

Phil regretted being mean to Marcy and even wrote her a letter, asking for forgiveness. 
Several years later, Phil who still had not moved on from what happened, tried to find Marcy when he went to the Philippines to attend a friend’s wedding. 
However, he instantly got captivated by Pinang who unknown to him, is the daughter of Marcy. He tried to get close to her but Pinang would not entertain him. 

Still, fate stepped in as Pinang coincidentally sat beside a sleeping Phil on a bus ride going to the province. 
Will this be the start of Pinang and Phil’s friendship or will Phil continuously annoy Pinang? When will Phil also discover that Pinang is the daughter of his nanny Marcy? 
Do not miss Be My Lady, weekdays before It’s Showtime on ABS-CBN.