#BMLOfficiallyYours thrills netizens as Pinang says yes to Phil

And in those electrifying final minutes of #BMLOfficiallyYours, Pinang (Erich Gonzales) made it official: “Phil Oliviera (Daniel Matsunaga), mahal na mahal din kita.”

She then pinched him on the cheek to show her love was definitely real. And it seemed the joy on Phil’s face as they hugged resonated so well to all who watched.

From that tindera in the sari-sari store to that lady executive watching in her office TV screen—all just shrieked out loud. Of course, netizens could not hide their excitement that after seven months since meeting each other at a wedding, Pinang and Phil are now officially together as a couple.

Why you may ask? Pinang would lovingly declare that despite all the hurt Phil caused her and her family in the past, there was even more reason for her to love him.
The road leading to this eventful day in Singapore may be long and difficult, with both not even finding the right moment to finally say to each other what’s in their hearts. But the way they look at each other, as they talked and strolled along the city state streets, you would clearly know how genuine their love is for another even without a script. It’s really a sight to behold.
Again, Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga surely need not even try to act, much less read a script to do this scene. Given the romance they share behind the cameras, it was all too natural and compelling to witness how true love enfolds. And, with directors Theodore Boborol, Don M. Cuaresma, and Roderick Lindayag at the helm, #BMLOfficiallyYours came across too captivating and moving for everyone to leave their TV sets or mobile gadgets.