10 Signs That Doc JM Is Starting To Fall For Pinang

Every morning in the top-rating daytime teleserye “Be My Lady”, we get to watch the kilig love story of Phil (Daniel Matsunaga) and Pinang (Erich Gonzales). Aside from Phil, there is also another man in the series that has shown his admiration for Pinang, no other than Doctor Joselito Mariano or Doc JM (Geoff Eigenmann). Today, let us list down 10 signs that can verify our assumption that Doc Sungit is starting to fall for her.

1. He was mesmerized by Pinang’s beauty when he glanced at her.

2. He introduced Pinang to his younger brother.

3. He complimented Pinang and said that she is perfect.

4. He requested Pinang to be his nurse so he can see her more often.

5. He expressed concern for Pinang before she left for Singapore.

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