The San Nicolas Dampa gets featured on TV
The Dela Rosa and Lim households watched the TV feature of the San Nicolas Dampa together via video chat. The Dela Rosas are very happy with their few seconds of fame.

Meanwhile, Maya confided to Kute that their marital problem has turned for the worse. She said that Richard seems to be bossing her around. Kute reminded her that it was the same quality that made her like Richard before which made Maya reminisce the old times.

Later, still on the video chat, the Dela Rosas overhear Nikki blaming herself about her parents’ fight. Teresita and Arturo got even more surprised because Kute knows about Maya and Richard’s problem. Nikki then swore that she will do everything just for her parents to reconcile.

Will Richard and Maya be able to put their prides aside and talk?

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