Richard and Maya get into an argument because of Nikki

On Be Careful with My Heart, Maya heard what happened at the tenement from Nikki and she then explained why Richard got mad at her. Richard, who saw the two talking, thought that Maya is getting on Nikki’s good side, began a heated argument with his wife.

Maya was hurt when Richard made her realize that she’s not Nikki’s biological mom and that she should not meddle in these kinds of things. Both left for work not speaking to one another.

Despite their problem, Maya still managed to make their passengers laugh by performing the safety demo interactively that a co-flight stewardess envied her.

Meanwhile, Richard almost collided with a truck as he kept on thinking about his argument with Maya while driving. Fortunately, he managed to get to work in one piece but he was still hot-headed, focusing his anger on his employees.

Will Maya and Richard patch things up before everyone in the family learns about it?

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