Nikki scares Luke and Nicolo as she goes back to the tenement with Jonie

On Be Careful with My Heart, Nicolo left Nikki with Jonie in the café to hang out with Georgina. Jonie then invited Nikki to come with her to the tenement and mingle with her neighbors and she said yes.

When Luke finally returned to the café from his basketball game with Nicolo and Georgina, they were not able to find Nikki. A staff confirmed that Nikki has already left with Jonie. Luke tried to call his sister but he cannot reach her mobile phone anymore so he and Nicolo went to look for her in the tenement, leaving Georgina behind.

Meanwhile, Jonie was about to tell Nikki about her OJT when her brother urgently called them about Luke and Nicolo. Nikki immediately went to see her brother while Jonie decided to get her laundry from the clothes line first as it was about to rain. Because of this, Jonie and Luke were not able to meet again.

Not only was Luke upset with Nikki but their father was extremely disappointed at her as well. Richard feels she broke his rules on purpose.

How will Nikki appease her dad?  Keep on watching, Be Careful with My Heart, weekdays after The Singing Bee on ABS-CBN.

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