Minerva applies at Richard’s new company
On Be Careful with My Heart, an emotional Lea bonded with Sky and Sunshine before she finally left the family.

Later while Richard is screening applicants in his new company, he was surprised to see Minerva walking in. According to his former secretary, she resigned a week after Richard left Lim Aviation and that the company knew that she resigned to follow him.

Richard initially rejected her as she is overqualified and he cannot give her the salary and benefits that Lim Aviation offered her for they are still a small company. However, Minerva was insistent and asked him to hire her. Minerva also said that the other engineers are planning to move in his company as well. However, Richard wanted them to think about it first and consider their families and financial stability.

Richard also decided to step down as Pilipinas Aviation Society’s president because he will launch his training institute next week. He said that he wanted the PAS’s support but does not want people to think he’s using his position to support his own project.

Will Richard succeed in his new venture?

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