Maya and Richard are having twins!

On “Be Careful with My Heart,” Richard and Maya announce to the Lim family and to the Dela Rosas, whom they contacted through video chat, that they are having twins. All of them are ecstatic while the couple is also emotional.

Because of this, the family will need to double everything they have prepared for baby bunso while Maya has two double her vitamin intake, take care of herself more and expect even worse pregnancy symptoms such as sleepiness, morning sickness and weight gain.

In the province, the Dela Rosas announce the good news at the Tsibugan and treat all their customers for free. Later, Kute notices that Arturo has remained quiet throughout so she calls Teresita and asks when is she coming back. However, Teresita, who has decided to stay with Maya a little longer to take care of her, urges Kute to talk to her father instead. The next morning, Kute accepts Arturo’s assistance, who can now work without his crutch.

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