Luke and Jonie are now a couple

On Be Careful with My Heart, Luke teased Jonie about getting jealous over the girls who were talking to him. Jonie denied this, saying that she does not have the right to feel so. Luke continued teasing her, saying that she should be in a relationship with him already.

Taking Luke by surprise, Jonie finally agreed to be his girlfriend. However she emphasizes that they should still prioritize their studies . She also said that they should not be too possessive and that they should not kiss yet. As a celebration, Luke treated his friends out and told them about the “best day of his life.”

Meanwhile, the aviation company whose plane crashed issued a statement already. They said that they are looking at neglect in the mechanical checking of the plane and is considering mechanical failure as the main reason for the crash. They also said that if this theory will be proven correct, the aviation company that checked their mechanism will be held liable and this is Lim Aviation.

Because of this, Richard called the board of directors for an emergency meeting. Nevertheless, he remained confident that they are not liable in the accident.  

What will happen to Richard and his company now?

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