Celeste pleads for Richard to return to LAS
On Be Careful with My Heart, Richard and Luke were confused that a notice of delivery for aircrafts arrived while they are still in the process of canvassing for it. They learned later on that Don Roberto and Dona Esmeralda bought the aircrafts for them.

At the LAI, Minerva informed Richard of their new walk-in applicants. Richard was then surprised to see that they were his former engineers at LAS, including engineers Yamaguchi and Gutierrez. They told their former boss that they have moved out of the company already and that a lot of clients have pulled out their investments too. They told him that the new management was hard to deal with. After giving it much thought, Richard decided to hire them.

Later while Richard and the engineers were talking, Celeste came. She congratulated Richard on his new business. She however begged for him to return to LAS and admitted that she finds it hard to manage the company. She offered Richard to become a consultant and promised that they will help each other. However, Richard rejected her offer.

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