Tanggol & Tindeng Scenes Batang Quiapo

This Christmas, prepare to be wrapped in the warmth of love and family as you witness these heartwarming, good vibes-inducing scenes that beautifully captured the special bond between Tanggol (Coco Martin) and Lola Tindeng (Charo Santos) from FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as compiled by Kapamilya Toplist.

The adorable duo can count on each other for a lot of things like their presence during trouble, offering genuine love, and best of all, making one another laugh through their casual ‘asaran’.

One of our favorites was when he visited her in jail and promised to bail her out. But before leaving, he playfully teased his grandma, “La, parang bagay kayo dito, ah. Parang kahit isang buwan ayos lang, ah.” Tindeng proved she could still crack the best punchlines, telling Tanggol, “Mag-ingat ka baka magsama tayo dito. Ikaw din.” What we love about this scene, apart from the humor, is the positive disposition shown amidst a major obstacle.

Remember when Tindeng and Noy (Lou Veloso) interrogated Tanggol about where he got the money that he used for Tindeng's bail? Noy was quick to assume that the money was stolen, to which Tanggol replied, “Si Lolo, judgmental. Bakit ko naman gagawin ‘yun?” But, giving in to Tindeng’s investigation, he admitted, “Ginanti ko lang naman kayo, eh... kay Roda (Joel Lamangan).” The ‘pilyo’ grandson punctuated his confession with, “Hihingi na lang ako ng kapatawaran.” And when told to be good, he replied in his usual ‘pasaway’ tone, “Mabait na mabait naman ako, La.”

This ‘mag-lola’ gets each other’s humor. There was a scene where Tanggol teased his grandma, who just got ousted from Rigor (John Estrada)’s house, “Nagtatago kayo. Ako, nagtatago. Ibig sabihin niyan ex-convict na rin kayo, wanted na rin.” Tindeng returned the hilarity, “Sabagay kalalabas ko lang. Siraulo mo talaga ‘no? Sinasama mo pa ako sa mga kalokohan mo. Ikaw ang hinahanap. Ako, nagtatago pa lang.” Too cute!

Tindeng hasn’t had an easy life, and that’s why his experiences have turned into nuggets of wisdom. And her unwavering love became Tanggol’s refuge. What he lacks in parental affection, his ‘loley’ makes up for. Their bond is special, a love that accepts and never gets tired.

But love doesn’t mean tolerating one’s mistakes. That’s why Tindeng tries to discipline his grandson and convince him to stay out of trouble. One way grandmas show their love for their grandchildren is by praying for them. Tindeng never fails to implore the protection of Jesus Nazarene over Tanggol.

Also in this list is that scene where she found out he was stabbed after trying to help a victim in a robbery incident. She considered bringing him to the hospital but he insisted that he’ll be fine. When Rigor discovered Tanggol’s wound, he stepped on it and beat him up. In that moment of hurt, his bones and heart almost crushed to pieces, Tanggol crawled to his grandma’s embrace – where he feels safe and loved.

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