FPJBQ Bubbles unrequited love for Tanggol

We’ve all been there – loving someone who can never love us back. This could be the reason why viewers of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo feel for Bubbles (Ivana Alawi)’s character, as she will do everything to make Tanggol (Coco Martin) feel whole again even if she might be the one left broken. She loves him in silence, willing to give her all without expecting anything in return.

Kapamilya Toplist compiles the scenes showing Bubbles’ one-sided love for Tanggol in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

It must have been a case of love at first sight for Bubbles, who first met Tanggol when she got Chief Espinas’ (Jacklyn Jose) order to tend to the new inmate’s injuries. While treating his wounds, she earnestly reminded him to be cautious within the prison, hinting at genuine concern for his well-being and a desire for him to avoid trouble.

She fell deeper after Chief Espinas assigned them to their first kill order as new partners in crime. She admired him for displaying bravery, commitment, and formidable fighting skills in their first mission. As she recounted their task to her friends Becky (Donna Cariaga) and Ibyang (Lotlot Bustamante), the two couldn’t help but notice the subtle ‘kilig’ in her voice whenever Tanggol was mentioned.

The thing about romantic feelings is that the more you hide them, the more they swim to the surface. They say that dreaming about a person may indicate harboring special feelings for them. If Bubbles' dream about her and Tanggol sharing intimate moments holds any clue, it strongly suggests that she was beginning to nurture special feelings for him during that time.

Her feelings deepened when they sought refuge in a secluded resort to evade the authorities after their mission. There was a romantic aura in the air, heightened by the scenic beauty of nature and water, causing Bubbles to sense the intensity of her heart's whispers. She would steal glances of Tanggol, and smile in secret when caught.

Alone together that night, Bubbles admitted to herself her readiness to offer her heart to Tanggol, wanting to make him feel loved and understood after learning about his background and the challenges that led him to the rogue life. There were just the two of them on the same bed, so she might have been overwhelmed by her emotions that she once again dreamt of getting intimate with Tanggol.

A clear sign of a woman's true feelings is jealousy, and Bubbles couldn't hide hers when Tanggol chose to include Mokang (Lovi Poe) in their plans. The adorably petite Bubble unleashed her inner tigress when Tanggol rented a separate room for him and Mokang, leaving her alone in a motel. Asked if she was jealous, of course, she denied it, claiming she would never like someone like him. However, as soon as he left and closed the door, Bubbles couldn't help but whine like a child due to jealousy.

We could only imagine how painful it must’ve felt when Tanggol and Mokang exchanged sweet words and even shared kisses in front of her while they were on the train to escape from Mokang’s husband Ramon/Albert (Christopher de Leon) and his battalion.

Upon returning to the correctional facility, Bubbles cried herself to sleep. Flashbacks of Tanggol and Mokang’s affectionate moments, which she witnessed firsthand, kept her blue. But despite the pain Tanggol experienced after Mokang’s death, she felt it inappropriate to take advantage of his suffering.

She has decided that it’ll be better to take things slowly, choosing to love Tanggol in silence, hoping that eventually, he will open his heart again. In this trope of unrequited love, Bubbles is prepared to do anything to mend Tanggol, even if it means she might be the one left broken.

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