3 things Elijah loves about Pablo

With how rude and arrogant he is, it isn’t surprising that many viewers of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo are mad at Pablo Caballero, compellingly portrayed by award-winning actor Elijah Canlas. But despite being a villain, there’s still definitely a few reasons to love about him, which he enumerated in this exclusive video!

According to him, the first one would be his fashion sense. He may be horrible, but we cannot deny that he always looks dapper and fresh, as he dresses very well, whether he’s in a suit or sleepwear. Besides, his hair is always sleek and pushed back, which adds charm to him.

Second is his love for his family. Even though we often see him getting into heated arguments with or being reprimanded by his grandpa, Don Facundo (Jaime Fabregas), we can still see how such a softie Pablo can be with how he deeply values his family, especially the women. He is such a respectful grandson to his beloved grandma, Señora Bettina (Tessie Tomas), as well as an overprotective kuya to his cherished sister Catherine (Ara Davao).

And lastly, Elijah also takes pride in the bravery of Pablo, which he finds really admirable. He refuses to step back from his altercations with David (McCoy de Leon), a.k.a. fake Jesus, and showdowns with Tanggol (Coco Martin) because he apparently has too much confidence in himself.

What about you, Kapamilya? Do you love about Pablo?

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