5 times Tanggol and Bubbles thrilled viewers with stunning action scenes in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

When an actress has Coco Martin as a leading man and director, expect that he will unleash her inner action star. That's why her newest on-screen partner, Ivana Alawi, was able to prove that she can also expand her genre from doing sexy-drama series to taking on badass action scenes and even a bit of comedy.

In the current story of arc of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, we see Coco’s character, Tanggol, and Ivana’s Bubbles combine their flair for action as they execute Jail Chief B/Gen Dolores Espinas (Jacklyn Jose)’s kill orders. Re-watch their engrossing, superb action sequences via this Friday 5 video.

As the teleserye’s second chapter progressed, the dark secrets kept by the correction facility’s high-ranking officers were slowly unravelled. It turned out that Dolores has her inner monster as well, and that she’s been entrusting Bubbles with dangerous kill orders to be executed outside the penitentiary. Bubbles was formerly accompanied by Bong (Vandolph Quizon) in her missions. However, Dolores saw that the “Batang Quiapo,” Tanggol, could be a better trustee.

Tanggol’s first assignment with Bubbles was to shoot Congressman Sevilla (Jong Cuenco), which they successfully did despite a few misunderstandings. Amidst the gun battle against Congressman Sevilla’s security team, Bubbles thought that her new partner had chickened out and decided to escape. However, Tanggol proved himself to be a dependable friend and an incredible fighter. The scene was marked by Coco’s signature highly-choreographed leaping stunts, plus Ivana’s feisty magnetism.

The partners-in-crime were able to flee by riding on a motorcycle. Adding a little more spice to this scene, Bubbles sat on Tanggol’s lap while exchanging bullets with the authorities, then, Tanggol operated the motorcycle as fast and smart as he could. A motorcycle chase scene has never been this ‘angas’ and overflowing with chemistry!

Their next task was to finish off the syndicate group Red Phoenix, this time, with Tanggol’s friends. The fight appeared to be lopsided in the beginning as Tanggol’s group was cornered by a battalion of armed men. Chief Dolores and her minions waited inside a getaway vehicle in case their help would be needed. But she was confident that her newest ensemble could accomplish their mission on their own. She was smiling in satisfaction while watching Tanggol’s team dismantle the Red Phoenix with bullets.

Just when they were about to hop on their motorcycle, the cops led by Rigor (John Estrada) sprung out of the gates and asked Tanggol and Bubbles to surrender. However, the two refused to raise the white flag, leading to a long chase scene delivered in an engrossing choreography.

There’s so much thrill whenever Tanggol showcases his top-tier motorcycle skills. While Bubbles would dart bullets at their opponents, his task is to move the motorcycle at high speed as they’re being chased by the police. He would maneuver through traffic, and even decelerate the motorcycle down the stairs until they reach the narrow aisles of a public market.

A big part of Tanggol’s fighting arsenal is his ability to think fast amidst danger. When Bubbles panicked upon seeing that they were surrounded by the cops, he managed to distract the opponents by shooting a fire extinguisher mounted on a post.

Then they rode their motorcycle as the police officers ran after them. Epic is an understatement for this chase scene coupled with handsome and gripping choreography, with the items in the market flying off with every bullet thrown their way. 

The duo played games with the devil in that risky act of crossing the railway while the train approaches – pure action and spectacular visuals. We bet viewers watched this sequence in bated breaths and let out a sigh of relief and amazement when the tandem managed to survive and completely escape the cops.

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