Santino vs Lawrence in Batang Quiapo

In the earliest episodes of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) was introduced as Tanggol (Coco Martin)’s good-hearted sibling who dreams of becoming a professional boxer, which is why he used to join street boxing. He still carries this dream to heart and knows that he must start at the bottom. He currently works as a housekeeper in a boxing gym and plans to save up for formal training.

But the path to one’s dreams always comes with challenges. In Santino’s journey, hurdles come in the form of poverty and bullies who try to push him down like the arrogant boxing champ Lawrence (Paolo Gumabao). Re-watch their scenes via this Friday 5 video.

As if destiny came knocking, Santino has found himself working as a maintenance staff in a boxing gym where gets to meet all kinds of people, the good and the bad. He could consider Annika (Dexie Diaz) his first friend at work. However, social class differences make Santino feel shy around Annika, even though the latter shows nothing but warmth.

Their unlikely friendship would trigger Lawrence, who would bully him a lot with mockery. Instead of fighting back, Santino would simply bow his head in embarrassment and follow Lawrence’s orders to avoid conflict. In front of Annika and her friend, Lawrence insulted him and told him to know his place.

In another scene, he was about to go home after receiving his first pay when he accidentally bumped Lawrence on his way out. Of course, the bully didn’t just stay quiet. What he did was order Santino to clean the toilet.

Aside from Annika, he found a friend in Coach Gary (Levi Ignacio), the gym owner who sees his good heart and potential. In that scene where he gave Santino’s first salary, Coach Gary asked him to bring home good food for his parents as a way of giving back. He was all the more impressed when Santino managed to fix the gym’s electricity in another scene.

However, when Coach Gary is not around, Santino falls victim to Lawrence’s intense bullying. He endures Lawrence’s hurtful words such as when he got laughed at for practicing his boxing moves and was told that a janitor like him will never become a professional boxer.

The same thing happened when he found Lawrence’s gloves and was accused of trying to steal them. Taunted, Santino was forced to accept Lawrence’s dare to fight one of the boxers in exchange for a thousand pesos should he last for more than one round. The thing is, he won the match, much to Lawrence’s dismay.

In the succeeding scene, Lawrence’s group ganged up on Santino as they couldn’t accept defeat. Thankfully, one of his fellow gym housekeepers, Roberto, played by boxing great Luisito Espinosa, saved him from the group. Santino then approached Roberto and found out that the latter was a professional boxer. He told him that he wants to perfect his skills but Coach Gary couldn’t train him anymore.

Santino must have found the godfather who will help him inch closer to his ultimate dream and put the bullies to shame.

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