5 kilig scenes of Santino and Annika’s refreshing tandem in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

In the intense world of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, characters often face perilous situations and high-stakes conflict. But a little love provides them strength to overcome the challenges. We see this in Santino (Ronwaldo)’s character, who has seemingly found inspiration in Annika (Dexie Diaz).

Now, everyone is in love with their fresh tandem, thanks to their chemistry that adds a sense of excitement and a whole lot of ‘kilig’ to their scenes, as seen in this Friday 5 video.

On Santino’s first day as a maintenance staff in a boxing gym, his eyes caught a glimpse of the beautiful Annika and was all the more captivated when she walked up to him and started a conversation. If it wasn’t love at first sight, then we don’t know what is. Their smiles and gazes seemingly spoke a language only they could understand. However, Lawrence (Paolo Gumabao) interrupted the scene and bullied the new hire.

During break time, Santino was munching on street food when Annika and her friend Phoebe (Thamara Alexandria) approached him, leading to a playful banter, with Santino teasing Annika about her big appetite.

The light-hearted conversations punctuated by stolen glances and shy smiles and laughter built a delightful sense of connection between them. In the succeeding scene, she congratulated him for winning his first boxing match in the gym. Then, Phoebe butted in and revealed how worried Annika was while watching and then implied that Santino must have found an inspiration to win his match.

Partly because of Phoebe’s teases, Annika has become noticeably shy around Santino, giving their scenes subtle anticipation. He invited them to a dinner in a nearby ‘pares’ place, paving the way for them to get to know each other through shared stories over a warm cup of ‘pares.’Who else is invested in Santino and Annika’s blossoming romance?

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