5 amusing scenes of Tindeng and Roda's  feud in "FPJ’s Batang Quiapo"

Put Charo Santos and Joel Lamangan as co-actors and the result is a string of amusing, remarkable scenes. The two currently play enemies, Tindeng and Roda, respectively, in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. Re-watch their intense squabbles in this edition of Friday 5.

The war was ignited when Roda informed his tenants about the slated increase in their rental fee, which, of course, didn’t sit well with the poor sellers, especially Tindeng. While Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) and Noy (Lou V stood her ground. This led to a physical confrontation, with a bunch of vegetables flying in Roda’s direction.

Here comes the second round. On one corner was Roda, escorted by barangay officials and accusing Tindeng of attempted murder. His exaggerated stories seasoned the narrative with more hilarity. He was serious about ousting Tindeng in her stall, though. Marites had to meddle and asked Roda’s conditions, saying they will do anything to fix the issue.

That being said, Roda took the chance to get on a power trip, ordering Tindeng to kneel before him, which she reluctantly did because of Marites’ persuasion. But, Rodad wasn’t satisfied and asked Tindeng to kiss his feet. Tindeng was crying quietly. Just when we thought she’d do as he said, she picked up a rock and hit Roda’s foot, then threw the rock at his forehead. Both camps were then brought to the barangay hall for mediation. But instead of mending fences with the other party, Roda felt like the barangay chairman was taking Tindeng’s side. He then walked out and warned Tindeng that he will bring this case to the court and to the chief of police, who happens to be his godbrother.

It didn’t end there. One morning, Tindeng and Marites found their items in disrepair. Tindeng could only think of one culprit. She stormed to the barangay hall to complain about Roda’s alleged misdemeanor. Roda was then invited to defend himself from Tindeng’s accusations, which he denied. The incident would culminate into verbal violence, with Roda again threatening his mortal enemy with a lawsuit.

Then, it happened. Tindeng was arrested; though we’re pretty sure this amusing ‘sabong’ doesn’t stop here.

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