15 times David triggered viewers with his ‘bait-baitan’ act in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

Some people have mastered wearing a mask to hide their purely evil intentions. We’re looking at you, David (McCoy de Leon).

The character from FPJ’s Batang Quiapo is hated for his overt deeds of arrogance, but more especially when he puts on the ‘victim’ mask to manipulate the people around him. He’s got a lot of nerve to act out a goody-goody show to satiate his self-absorbed mindset, as shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

Home-court advantage is a real thing for David, as he feels like the second most powerful person in the Dimaguiba household, next to his equally nefarious father Rigor (John Estrada). Expect his arrogance to shoot up when at home, to the point of dragging his own mother into trouble. In a scene, he followed his fake-crying with ratting out his mom for slapping him, and without valid reason he said. That secret smile on his face when he sensed that Rigor would punish Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) sure made viewers want to curse in anger.

In a similar scenario, he faked-cry before informing Rigor about Tanggol (Coco Martin)’s sighting.

Their home is where he feels he can exercise dominance and control, hence the domestic violence toward his partner Camille (Yukii Takahashi). But when threatened with criminal charges by Camille’s parents, David pretended that he’s too weak to break a woman’s heart, saying that he didn’t intend what happened. The monstrous David was suddenly as meek as a ship when he faced Camille asking for a second chance. Much to viewers’ frustration, his game worked on Camille, who chose him over her parents.

When lectured by Rigor after that mediation, David made sure to look like the best son on earth. He said that Rigor is the last person he’d want to disappoint. And to prove his willingness to fix his mistakes, he deleted all traces of his side chick from his mobile phone. But when it was his mom's turn to say her piece, David didn’t even bother putting his mask on to conceal his vindictiveness.

David never runs out of crazy antics to get what he wants, to the point of stealing Tanggol’s identity to get his privilege as Ramon (Christopher de Leon)’s biological son. In a scene at the Montenegro mansion, he tried to win over Ramon and Don Julio (Tommy Abuel) by making them believe that Rigor raised him into a respectful and responsible man. With fake tears, he would talk about Rigor’s sacrifices and his dream to follow his path as an honest police officer.

When told that he would inherit Ramon’s riches and businesses, he feigned humility saying that he’d rather work hard for his own success. The deceit was also strong when he acted shy as Don Julio asked him to pick any car he fancies. He said that he still has to learn how to drive, but sped away with a huge grin the moment he left the showroom.

We witnessed the same goody-goody act when Ramon and Don Julio brought him to the hangar housing their family’s aircraft and was given permission to use it anytime.

While on a shooting range with Ramon, David pretended to be pitiful and weak, just taking in his fake father’s lectures about gun handling. But the moment he turned his back on him, his look of sadness swiftly transformed into a look of wickedness.

Who else is waiting for David’s judgment day?

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