15 scenes that showcase Coco and Ivana’s kilig chemistry in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

Good-looking, dauntless, and with a compassionate heart (beneath the path he was forced to take in life), Tanggol (Coco Martin) is not hard to fall in love with. As he embarked on a new journey, women in the correctional has found him so appealing, including the strong-willed Bubbles (Ivana Alawi).

A new chapter unfolds in Tanggol and Bubbles’ blossoming love story in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as they find comfort and help from each other in the midst of chaos. And keeping their tandem all the more alluring is how they fuse comedy and romance in their ‘kilig’ moments, which Kapamilya Toplist compiled in this video.

This unexpected connected was sparked by circumstances when Tanggol, along with his friends, was sent to jail after several crimes were charged against them. Life inside prison proved to be an arduous journey, especially since a high-profile enemy was after him. But, at a time trouble, there he met Bubbles, who was tasked by Chief Dolores Espinas (Jacklyn Jose) to look after him after he was tortured by the officials out of Olga (Irma Adlawan)’s order.

He woke up the next morning to a special breakfast prepared by Bubbles, who also treated his wounds the night prior. To us, romantic viewers, this speaks as allusion to how Bubbles would treat Tanggol’s wounded heart after it got broken by his first love, Mokang (Lovi Poe).

Bubbles, the fierce ‘reyna ng selda’, is noticeably softened by Tanggol’s gentle charm, proven in that scene where she opened up about her lifetime sentence and made a joke that they would grow old together in the correctional.

Then they became partners in crime when Chief Espinas tapped them to execute her kill orders. Their first mission to assassinate Congressman Sevilla (Jong Cuenco) proved to be a tough act, yet they managed to pull it off, thanks to their teamwork. Bubbles couldn’t even help but admire Tanggol’s fight skills and clever maneuvering.

The thing about a blossoming love is that the more you hide it, the more it swims to the surface. Despite Bubbles’ denial, a transformation has obviously happened. The once impenetrable stronghold around her heart has slowly crumbled in the face of a connection that felt like destiny unfolding. Waking up from a dream about making love with Tanggol was enough of a reflection of what she truly feels.

Their second mission was even bigger, so much so they were forced to look for a hiding place after escaping the cops, leading them to a secluded spot in the province. In order to protect their identities, Bubbles thought they must pretend as lovers, much to Tanggol’s surprise. This paints the action-drama series with an even more vivid shades of ‘kilig’ and laughter, as the caretakers of the place are genuinely convinced of the pretend relationship.

When left alone in the romantic-looking floating cottage, Tanggol and Bubbles bickered about the latter’s sudden idea, rubbing in that they are not each other’s type.

But there must be something romantic about the place, or the stars that night, that Tanggol opened up about his wish to leave the rouge life behind. He talked about his dreams and aspirations, which include taking back Mokang’s love. His confessions broke Bubbles’ heart, yet, intensified her feelings for him. She now understands what troublesome and sad life he had, and promised herself that she’ll be there to love and care for him.

The next morning, they woke up beside each other. Could this be the start of a deeper romance between Tanggol and Bubbles?

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