15 scenes that have made Rigor one of the most hated characters in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

As he continues to become embroiled in his family’s tragic past, Rigor (Ejay Falcon/John Estrada) has turned into an abusive and unloving man, whose only mode of interaction with Tanggol (Coco Martin) is violence. Kapamilya Toplist collated his scenes from FPJ’s Batang Quiapo that will get your blood boiling again!

In the pilot episode, Rigor’s character was painted with warmth as he treated his wife Marites (Miles Ocampo/Cherry Pie Picache) with affection. We viewers thought that we would see a dreamlike relationship between them, but only to find Rigor transform into a ruthless man due to Marites falling victim to Ramon (Coco Martin/Christopher de Leon)'s sexual assault. He blamed her as if she asked for it, making her life all the more miserable.

He had an awful reaction when Marites had morning sickness, a sign that she was impregnated by her rapist. Instead of offering compassion, he spoke exactly like Marites’ perpetrator – cruel and selfish. There’s no way he would accept the child as his own. Thus, the child, Tanggol, grew up deprived of paternal affection.

In Rigor’s eyes, Tanggol was born out of an evil seed, thus the things he does to him are horrifying. He almost shouted at the crying newborn, annoyed by the noise that disturbed his time for rest. In another scene, he punished the young Tanggol for stealing a neighbor’s hair comb, which he intended to give Marites as a gift.

The physical violence has never stopped. Rigor has never learned to love Tanggol, let alone be gentle toward him. All because he sees Tanggol as the son of the devil, he would dangerously beat him up until he almost kills him.

Tindeng (Lara Quigaman/Charo Santos) would arrive to save his grandson, backed up by Marites, who also learned to accept that she still brought Tanggol into this world even if he was just an ‘accident’. Marites would ask Rigor to stop hitting and instead nurture Tanggol with love and guidance as parents should. However, there’s nothing she can say that will make him accept Tanggol, who, to him, is nothing but a reminder of a terrible past. He warned Marites to discipline ‘her child’, and if not, he would have Tanggol imprisoned, that is if his penchant for street riots doesn’t get him killed.

In the succeeding scene, Tanggol cooked breakfast as a peace offering to his dad after he was caught in yet another rumble. However, Rigor brushed off the sweet gesture, with his favorite son David (McCoy de Leon) in his support. He always favors David over Tanggol, and one time, bragged about his favorite child to his colleagues. He said David would surely follow in his footsteps, or even become a better police officer than him, unlike Tanggol who is nothing but a disappointment.

Rigor doesn’t get along with his mother-in-law, either. When Tindeng got into trouble with the owner of their market stall, Rigor ordered Marites to talk to her mother. Though he has a point, the manner he spoke was full of arrogance.

Just recently, Rigor showed how evil he can get by ruthlessly beating up a wounded Tanggol, not knowing the latter got into trouble due to his heroic save. Well, even if he knows, his patience would still crumble at the sight of Tanggol’s wound, which he crushed even more by stepping on it.

In his pathetic state, Tanggol crawled to his grandmother’s arms. But no amount of punches and kicks can rival the pain of knowing your own father despises you.

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