15 scenes of Roda’s sufferings as he deals with karma in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

Remember when Roda (Joel Lamangan) would go around his stalls in Quiapo flaunting his arrogance and mocking his poor tenants? Now, he would walk around the same area carrying nothing but shame as he begs for alms. The tables have turned. Watch him deal with bad karma in these scenes from FPJ’s Batang Quiapo compiled by Kapamilya Toplist.

His life turned a downward spiral after an arson that burned all his properties down including the money that he kept inside his house. But even as a homeless, Roda didn’t show a pinch of humility. He stormed to the police station to demand their family friend Col Suarez (King Gutierrez)’s immediate investigation.

Upon the baranggay captain’s suggestion, he immediately occupied Marsing (Pen Medina) and Nita (Susan Africa)’s house which the couple used as collateral for their unpaid loan. Just when we thought the series of misfortune would change his attitude, he remained a horrible person when he moved into the slums. He even snarled at Noy (Lou Veloso) when they bumped into each other, and when the latter said that the arson was probably committed by the same group that robbed and attempted to kill him, and not Tanggol (Coco Martin), who is currently in jail.

Bad deeds breed bad karma, they say. It was as if the universe took revenge on Roda when Marsing and Nita pulled all their furniture out, even Edwin (Ping Medina)’s old shirt that Roda was wearing. The old couple was eager to give Roda his own taste of medicine, make him suffer the way he let other people suffer before.

With nothing left, he was forced to eat leftover food that his new neighbors brought him out of pity. There was a scene where he faced the mirror and declared, “You’re an intelligent and confident woman. Dapat hindi ka magpatalo. Lumaban ka.” He rummaged through the remaining items in the house and found Mokang (Lovi Poe)’s worn-out shirt.

But life couldn’t humble him that easily. He went outside looking for ways to take his riches and power back or earn even just a small amount for his daily sustenance. He argued with a food vendor who shooed him away. A man who claims that he lost everything due to Roda’s greediness and his illegal lending business unleashed his anger and invited his friends to gang up on Roda. 

Noy and Tindeng (Charo Santos) caught the commotion in front of the church and learned that Roda needed help. But instead of thanking them for the food they gave, he still got the audacity to drive Noy and Tindeng away and act disgusted.

Remember when he asked Tindeng to kiss his feet? Karma has truly hit him in the face. Now he’s the one doing all the begging and kissing Marsing’s feet to convince the latter of lending him money.

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