Nikko as Emong Batang Quiapo Toplist

Tanggol (Coco Martin) already has plenty of enemies and villains in his life, and Emong (Nikko Natividad) just adds to the mix with his ‘epal’ but sometimes funny moments. He's the cousin of Bubbles' (Ivana Alawi), the friend who took Tanggol in after he was kicked out of his family home.

He isn't exactly a fan of Tanggol, which often leads to their most annoying yet comical misunderstandings and banter, as shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from “FPJ's "Batang Quiapo."

He's the low-key ‘kontrabida’ in Tanggol's life, constantly showing bitter reactions since Bubbles agreed to let Tanggol stay at their house. And when Tanggol volunteered to pay rent and chip in for expenses because he suddenly had money—courtesy of a bag handed to him during a chase in Quiapo, which turned out to be Roda (Joel Lamangan)'s bag snatched from him—Emong was quick to object, suggesting that Tanggol might have committed another crime to get the money.

He comments on situations even when his opinion isn't needed, just to make Tanggol feel bad, like when the latter got accepted at Boss B (Nino Muhlach)’s bar, where Emong, Bubbles, and their friend Jelly (Kim Rodriguez) work. He was worried that Tanggol's presence might tarnish Jelly's reputation with Boss B because it was Jelly who recommended Tanggol for the job. And low-key, it seemed like he wanted Tanggol out of their house when he asked when he would leave because it looked like he had already lent him all his new clothes.

While he had a point when he advised Tanggol after he got into a fight with a customer during his first day at work, the way he said it was overly bitter, even accusing Tanggol of showing off.

He sees Tanggol as a threat, as it’s obvious that Tanggol is the type of Jelly, the girl he’s trying to court. There was a scene where he warned Tanggol to stay away from Jelly because he had invested a lot in her. He is annoying, but somehow funny, which makes Emong an interesting character.

Because he's like a CCTV monitoring Tanggol's every move, he noticed his lingering gaze at Bubbles and his constant objection to their regular customer, Pablo (Elijah Canlas)'s advances toward her. He directly asked if Tanggol has a crush on Bubbles, to which Tanggol denied. Jelly also butted in and defended Tanggol, saying that he's just naturally respectful towards women. Well, if Emong were to choose who's more deserving of his cousin, of course, he'd prefer the wealthy and powerful Pablo.

Of course, he blamed Tanggol heavily when he lost the billiard game against Pablo, which led to their work at the bar being compromised. He emphasized Tanggol's loss, even though Bubbles had already told him that it wasn't Tanggol's fault that their bar lost in the bet.

Although in his usual 'kontrabida' mode, Emong had a point when he mentioned that it would be difficult for Tanggol to find a new job once Pablo becomes the owner of the bar and decides to fire him because of his heated conflicts with him.

The dreaded day finally arrived when Pablo acquired the bar, and his first agenda as the new owner was to kick Tanggol out of his post. Concerned, Bubbles struck a deal with Pablo that she would agree to go on a date with him again as long as he'd let Tanggol stay in the bar.

Although he initially opposed Tanggol for seemingly taking offense at Bubbes’ help, Emong eventually understood why the guy reacted that way. He even advised Tanggol to talk to Bubbles calmly so they could reconcile.

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