15 most agonizing moments of Tanggol that made us cry with him in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

The life of Tanggol, portrayed by Coco Martin, is a big adventure that comes with heart-stopping action, fun times, as well as tragic events that test his faith. It sure isn’t the easiest life.

Now, he’s entering a new season in his journey while still enduring a bleeding heart due to his ‘almost’ love story with Mokang (Lovi Poe). 

Let us look back at his most heartbreaking moments that also spotlight the Primetime King’s acting brilliance in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

This Kapamilya Toplist video opens with Tanggol ruthlessly beaten up by his father, Rigor (John Estrada), who stepped on his wound, which he got by saving a lady from a group of robbers. In his pathetic state, Tanggol crawled into his Lola Tindeng (Charo Santos)’s arms. But no amount of punches and kicks can rival the pain of knowing your father despises you.

On some days, even her mother’s love feels inadequate. In one scene, he gave the thieving David (McCoy de Leon) a smashing lesson, resulting in a violent fight. Marites arrived at the scene, brutally blaming her eldest without even hearing both sides of the story. She made him leave home.

The maltreatment does not end with his parents, as he also gets loads of mockery and threats from his brother, David. One time, he gave David money to add to Camille (Yukii Takahashi)’s hospital bill out of concern. But instead of appreciation, all he got in return was a barrage of insulting words from David, who then threw the bills at Tanggol’s face.

Of course, the most painful heartbreak that a person could go through comes in the shape of romantic love. Tanggol has had plenty of cute ‘kilig’ moments with his dream girl, Mokang. But life happened. Obstacles came between them. Tanggol’s emotions collapsed as he watched Mokang’s sexy dance performance in a bar, anguished by the fact that the lady he’s saving his heart for had to sell her body due to her family’s financial suffering, and he couldn’t do something to save her from this job.

The next scene etched unfathomable pain. He and his friends robbed a syndicate leader’s house to collect money for Mokang’s father, Marsing (Pen Medina)’s operation. But he was too late. He learned that Mokang had raised funds by agreeing to marry Ramon (Christopher de Leon). It felt like a breakup, though they hadn’t made their relationship official. Obviously, Mokang has learned to develop feelings for Tanggol, making the scene even more affecting, especially when she kissed him goodbye on the lips.

As if that wasn’t enough of a nightmare, Tanggol faced another one as the cops arrived to hunt their group. His father, Rigor, was in command. At first, he was able to convince his Ninong Mando (Allan Paule) to let him go. However, his father caught him, and without second thoughts, shot him twice.

The next scene at the hospital served us riveting drama, with Tanggol talking about his regrets with Marites and Tindeng. It was followed by a heart-pinching convo with his friends in jail, where he expressed his love for his parents and siblings.

Tanggol then received a surprise visitor. It was Mokang, ready to part ways with him, thinking that it’d be best for the both of them to forget about each other. Tanggol’s emotions flared up as Mokang delivered her final goodbye. We, viewers, felt every inch of Coco’s pain and we couldn’t imagine any other actor painting such kind of dramatic masterpiece than him.

In the final scene in this montage, he joined forces with Charo and Cherry Pie to give the audience a compelling performance. Here, he exchanged tearful goodbyes with his family as he faced his judgment.

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