15 ‘kontrabida’ scenes of Joel Lamangan as Roda in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

Joel Lamangan’s portrayal in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo is made for maximum impact. He is effective as the domineering landlord Roda.  Re-watch his hated ‘taray’ scenes in the teleserye via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Roda carries his ‘taray’ mode like a weapon, walking around Quiapo with wicked and confident attitude. In the first scene, he informed his tenants about the slated increase in their rental fee, which, of course, didn’t sit well with the poor sellers, especially Tindeng (Charo Santos). While Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) and Noy (Lou Veloso) haggled with their landlord, Tindeng stood her ground. A  physical confrontation ensued, with Tindeng throwing a bunch of vegetables at Roda’s direction and scaring him with ‘balisong.’

Roda was quick to point out that the incident could be grounds for physical injury and attempted murder, speaking in his usual annoying manner. So, he stormed to his godbrother Col. Suarez (King Gutierrez) to complain. When told to settle the issue with one of their cops, Tindeng’s son-in-law Rigor (John Estrada), Roda said he doesn’t care if Rigor is tall and handsome. What he’s sure of is that he’s taking the case to court.

Here comes round two. On one corner was Roda, escorted by barangay officials and accusing Tindeng of attempted murder. His exaggerated stories seasoned the narrative with a bit of hilarity. He was serious about ousting Tindeng in her stall, though. Marites had to meddle and asked Roda’s conditions, saying they will do anything to fix the issue.

That being said, Roda took the chance to get on a power trip, ordering Tindeng to kneel before him. But, unsatisfied, he further asked Tindeng to kiss his feet. Just when we thought Tindeng would do as ordered, she picked up a rock and hit Roda’s foot, then threw the rock at his forehead. Both camps were then brought to the barangay hall for mediation. Instead of mending fences with the other party, Roda felt like the barangay chairman was taking Tindeng’s side. He then walked out and vowed to report again the incident to Col. Suarez.

One morning, Tindeng and Marites found their items in disrepair. Tindeng could only think of one culprit. She stormed to the barangay hall to complain about Roda’s alleged misdemeanor. Roda was then invited to defend himself from Tindeng’s accusations, which he denied. The incident would culminate into verbal violence, with Roda again threatening his mortal enemy with a lawsuit and calling the other camp “mga mangkukulam.”

He donned his over-the-top sassiness when he visited Tindeng in prison just to enjoy watching her misery. He was sure that not even Rigor can bail her out and said that a cop doesn’t earn much unless he is corrupt. Then he flared into extreme anger when Tindeng tagged him as “mas demonyo pa kay satanas.” Sometimes we find this smackdown entertaining!

Roda is not one to show mercy, especially not to his enemy. So when Marites and Noy went to his house pleading to take back the case filed, he simply shooed them away. In the next scene, his arrogant one-liners came in handy when Mokang (Lovi Poe)’s parents Nonita (Susan Africa) and Marsing (Pen Medina) went to his house to pawn their land title. Though he has a point about the couple’s priorities, as they said the money will be used for Mokang’s debut party, how he treated them evoked sarcasm. He asked the maid to serve just half a glass of water for Nonita and Marsing and said he has no food to offer them, then, he charged them with two percent interest for their loan. Nonita wanted to plead for Tindeng's case as well, but Marsing thought Roda might take the money back if he doesn’t like what they say.

Finally, Roda’s terrorizing attitude didn’t work on his next visitor, who was none other than Tanggol (Coco Martin) harassing him by throwing rocks at his abode. He trembled in fear when Tanggol took out a knife and climbed up the gates, and he hid inside the house while calling Col. Suarez for rescue.

In the final scene in this video montage, he woke up from a nap and panicked when he figured a thief sneaked into his house. And even in such situations, Roda’s ‘taray’ vibe is on, like when she scolded the maid who assumed his ‘masahista’ is the crook. He was so clueless that Tanggol stole his valuables and used the money to bail out Tindeng.

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