10 times David clashed with Marites and Tindeng in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

By now, we have witnessed all sorts of quarrels happen in the Dimaguiba abode. Times have always been this hard for the family, resulting in explosive situations where there's plenty of shouting, drama, and sometimes physical altercations that go around.

Often, the main ‘fighters’ in the Dimaguiba arena are Tindeng (Charo Santos), Marites (Cherry Pie Picache), and David (McCoy de Leon) due to the latter’s arrogance. Check out their most heated confrontation scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist from FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

Tindeng and Marites have been on a mountain of rage, with problems pulling them along the peaks. But sometimes they defend each other, especially from David, who shows an extremely horrible amount of disrespect toward his Lola Tindeng. In one scene, he hated that Tindeng got out of jail and tagged her as “pabigat” or a burden to his father Rigor (John Estrada), who pays for their food and bills.

The family is rife with issues of who brings food to the table, as David loves to use it against his grandma. Marites joined the war of words and surprised David with a slap, telling him that he could never mock Tindeng again. Marites reminded David that he would not be here if not for Tindeng. But then again, it would take a miracle to shut him. We’re all waiting for Tanggol to put the boastful David in his right place!

Meanwhile, David’s dream is to fly so high that he’s able to look down on others, even his family. He can’t last a day without insulting them, especially Tanggol, with whom he lashed out in a scene due to a wrongdoing that provoked their father. He calls Tanggol the source of chaos in their home. Whenever Marites and Tindeng would try to meddle, David would turn his anger on them. He could care less about their feelings so long as he gets to shout at and humiliate them.

When Marites asked what caused his fight with Tanggol, David manipulated her by tweaking the story. He then resorted to gaslighting, accusing Marites and Tindeng of having favorites while he plays the victim.

For David, Rigor is his ‘lord’ and he would definitely say his piece whenever he sees his father in a bad mood. In one scene, he gets mad at Tindeng and Marites after Rigor ignores the breakfast he prepared only for him. David growled at the ladies for shattering his beloved father’s good mood.

The love of money intensified David’s horrible attitude. As he got enough funds for Camille (Yukii Takahashi)’s hospital bill and pregnancy, he dismissed Marites’ reminder to only earn money in the most moral way. David’s mood has gone extremely sour and he insinuated that he’s not like the troublesome Tanggol.

Thanks to his secret work for Olga (Irma Adlawan), David gets more than enough to start a more comfortable lifestyle. Money has brought out his true colors. He’s so greedy and selfish. He feels like the second ‘king’ at home, somebody powerful enough to insult Tindeng and make her feel worthless. He called her “palamunin” and said that he owns every right to act that way because he swims in money.

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