Rigor & Lena hated scenes Batang Quiapo

Witnessing two individuals engage in the mortal sin of adultery is undeniably infuriating. Therefore, viewers of “FPJ’s "Batang Quiapo" could feel their rage provoked by Lena (Mercedes Cabral) and Rigor (John Estrada)'s illicit affair, as seen in this Kapamilya Toplist video.

You know what they say about alcohol and hidden motives: "’Pag may alak, may balak." Lena invited a highly stressed-out Rigor to a drinking session, which led to what we thought was just a one-night stand. Taking advantage of Rigor's drunken state, she then took him to a motel room and initiated physical intimacy by kissing him.

Lena levelled up her flirting game. She knows that the most effective way to win an egotistical guy like Rigor is to inflate his ego and make him feel like he’s the best man in the world.

She would offer everything to make him feel good, showering him with praise, especially during times of trouble at work. When he faced suspension, she assisted him in drafting a reinstatement request letter. You knew she had a secret motive when she invited Rigor to her house since the office was off-limits to him. There must be something special about the ‘adobo’ she cooked that Rigor failed to stop himself from kissing her, leading to intimacy.

When Lena had been feeling unwell and dizzy, Rigor had been so devoted to caring for her. Remember that scene where he dropped her home? Of course, she made use of her ‘pabebe’ move to convince him to stay longer, and they started kissing.

Slowly, Rigor found himself giving in to Lena’s allure as he grew more enamored with her presence. He enjoyed spending time at her house because, as he put it, she made him feel calm and at peace. Lena's home provided a quiet environment where they could steal moments together, unlike his own household where he constantly felt frustrated with his family members, including his wife Marites (Cherry Pie Picache). This is why he always looked forward to the moments spent with Lena at their love nest.

Our ‘gigil’ peaked when she introduced Rigor as her boyfriend to her cousin. And he didn't even flinch, instead, they enjoyed that stolen moment of playing happy family together. He even playfully booped her nose, and she giggled as if they were love-struck teenagers.

You realize Lena was genuinely trying to win Rigor's heart by displaying such selflessness when she invited him to eat at a small place outside the office. Not only did she pay for their meal, but she also insisted that Rigor take home the leftovers for his family, so they could enjoy something together during the feast in Quiapo. She spoke about his family as if she didn't see herself as a threat to them; it makes us wonder where her conscience went.

Probably realizing that Rigor had fallen deeply into her trap, Lena put him to the test by expressing her desire to break up with him. As expected, he was unwilling to let her go primarily due to the benefits he's been receiving from their relationship.

He kissed her, and she willingly reciprocated, leading to another steamy moment. As if the act alone wasn't enough to provoke our anger, the traitors even justified their relationship. Lena believes that there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing and that they should not restrain themselves from loving each other. Suddenly, she was acting like the legal wife dropping him off from home to the terminal for work.

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