Roda Vs Marsing Batang Quiapo

Viewers of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo find Roda (Joel Lamangan)’s character annoying but fun to watch just the same. Match him alongside the boastful Marsing (Pen Medina), and you’ll get extra layers of engaging back and forth. Be entertained by their wittiest confrontations compiled in this Kapamilya Toplist video. 

Roda, armed with her sharp wit, met her match in the arrogant Marsing. The first scene shows Marsing and his wife Nita (Susan Africa) returning to Quiapo, their newfound wealth evident after their daughter Mokang (Lovi Poe) married the affluent businessman Ramon/Albert (Christopher de Leon). Faced with this change in circumstances, Roda understood the need to curry favor, addressing the couple as his "long-lost friends."

Although Roda’s acerbic tongue would occasionally slip, such as when he casually remarked that Marsing’s jewelry might be fake, still he proved himself to be a master of playing the victim. He skillfully shared his woes, saying that he lost his house in a fire, so he took over Marsing and Nita’s old house, which they failed to mortgage from him.

It felt irritating yet strangely amusing watching Roda kiss Marsing’s shoes in public upon the latter’s command in a scene. This marked a stark shift in their dynamic as the once oppressive landlord found himself begging for money and shelter from his former victims. 

The funny thing is they became partners. Roda started working for Marsing, aiding in the expansion of his lending business in Quiapo. There was a funny instance when Roda requested a commission “for the effort, for the friendship.” However, Marsing staunchly refused, asserting that Roda would receive no commission because all he brings is ‘kunsumisyon.’

There came a point when Marsing and Nita, evicted from Ramon’s mansion, sought refuge in their former place and became housemates with Roda. Despite Marsing denying their financial downturn, Roda knew how to read between the lines, so, with a mocking laughter, he commented, “Kung ano ang bilis ng pag-angat niyo, ‘yun din ang bilis ng pagbagsak n'yo. Ang tawag diyan – karma.” 

Despite karma playing tricks on them, the couple opted to take advantage of Roda’s financial struggles and housing needs. Marsing threatened to expose Roda’s act of selling fake medical products if he didn’t comply with all of their commands. They turned Roda into a household servant. 

Scared of losing his only business, Roda obeys all of Marsing’s orders. He even resorts to flattery to soothe Marsing's temper. There was one scene where he showered Marsing with compliments, telling him, “Ang gwapo mo ngayon, housemate.”

In that scene where Roda arranged for two women to pawn Marsing and Nita’s jewelry, Marsing denied any financial difficulty. Roda’s humorous retort? A simple yet sarcastic “Weh?”

Who else is looking forward to Marsing and Roda’s sharp banter?

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