FPJ’s Batang Quiapo Sept 4 to Sept 8

The past week’s (September 4 to September 8) episodes of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo continued the excitement that we felt in the week prior to that as we get to know further the new characters that we’re introduced to us, as the well-loved primetime action-drama series approaches its much-awaited second book.

This week started off with Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his friends being greeted by their fellow inmates led by Celso (Soliman Cruz), who poses as the mayor or frontrunner in their cell, by beating them up as a form of initiation rites and remove their immodesty. Afterwards, he enumerated to them the rules and schedule that they need to keep in mind and observe everyday.

In the Montenegro mansion, Olga (Irma Adlawan) finally had the chance to meet and talk to Mokang (Lovi Poe), pretentiously welcoming her to their family. Mokang then had an emotional conversation with her mother Nita (Susan Africa), as she expressed her qualms regarding her marriage with Ramon/Alberto (Christopher De Leon). Nita and Marsing (Pen Medina) then had the chance to speak to their daughter’s groom, in which the doting father asked his future son-in-law to never hurt their unica hija emotionally or physically and just return her to them once the time comes that he doesn’t love her anymore.

Surprisingly, Tanggol spotted Ben (Mark Lapid), one of Primo’s (Lito Lapid) henchmen, in jail and asked for his help in order for him and his friends to escape from the hell they’re at. As his initial move, Ben asked Celso to put them under his care but to no avail, as Celso informed him that there’s a whopping reward for their heads, especially Tanggol. However, he assured him that in spite of that, he wouldn’t be the one to exact the punishment on them and that they are still safe in their cell.

As Corrections Chief Supt. Dolores Espinas (Jaclyn Jose) was doing her rounds in the facility, Jail Warden Gerardo Balatucan (Robert Seña) told her about Olga’s offer without divulging her name. She may have agreed to it, but she hinted on asking for a higher price in exchange of carrying out Olga’s demands.

Chief Espinas also came face-to-face with Tanggol and his friends, then reminded the group of Bong (Vandolph Quizon) not to even flick a finger on them. But they weren’t able to keep their curiosity and gigil towards Tanggol and his friends as they visited them at their cell to give them some warning.

As Chief Espinas expressed her interest in speaking directly to Olga, the latter told Warden Balatucan that she’s not keen in doing so, since she has to ensure the safety of whoever she’s protecting. Since that’s the case, it made Chief Espinas more suspicious about the real identity of Tanggol and expect to receive extra reward for the task they’re being asked to carry out.

Upon finding out from Ben that someone wants him to be killed, Tanggol and his friends couldn’t help but get worried about him. In spite of what they discovered, Tanggol urged them to escape once they get the chance. However, they reminded him that they’re all in this together, so if he’ll die, they will also die.

Mando (Allan Paule) finally found out the illicit affair that Rigor (John Estrada) has with Lena (Mercedes Cabral) after he caught them having an intimate moment at their office. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Rigor’s favorite son David (McCoy de Leon) also wasn’t able to keep himself from flirting with a beautiful girl he spotted at the club, where he and his friends had a good time after their class. One of his friends attempted to stop him since he already has Camille (Yukii Takahashi), but he disputed that it’s just for fun.

Augustus (Julio Diaz), meanwhile, swung by Col. Suarez’s (King Gutierrez) station to visit Primo, telling him that they must be thankful for Amanda (Lorna Tolentino) since it’s because of her that they haven’t killed yet. He also ordered Col. Suarez not to give him and his group water and food and let them starve to death.

At the Dimaguiba residence, Tindeng (Charo Santos) was in deep anguish over what happened to her beloved grandson Tanggol and expressed her anger against everyone who put him in that tormenting situation, most especially Rigor. From dramatic, the mood in their house once again got intense as Rigor got triggered by Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) after he disrespectfully clapbacked at him over what he said against his Kuya Tanggol. And that went on as Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) had another scorching confrontation with Rigor because of what he did to Tanggol, which brought up the dark past she’s been trying to escape.

While Ben was still working on their escape plan, Enteng (Jojit Lorenzo) gave his best friend Tanggol some “real talk” by telling him that Mokang doesn’t love him genuinely as she fails to help him any way she can after everything that he did to her, which even led to their incarceration. She’s actually self-centered as she only thought of her and her family’s welfare, keeping him out of the equation. She even chose to leave him behind and get married to another man.

A few hours before her wedding, Mokang had a heart-to-heart talk with her father Marsing, wherein she reassured him that she’s okay, so he doesn’t have to worry about her nor blame himself. She then went on to reminisce about her fondest memories with Tanggol while at her bridal car, having some sense of regret since she has already fallen in love with him and she hasn’t able to return all the kindness and sacrifices that he did for her.

As her nuptials with Albert was ongoing, Tanggol, on the other hand, was being assaulted by jail officers led by Warden Balatucan while he was sleeping. They then brought him unconscious to another room where they mercilessly tortured him and Chief Espina electrocuted him while being filmed by the ruthless warden.

The last episode for this week capped off with the introduction of a new character named Bubbles, a boyish lass played by Ivana Alawi, who Chief Espina tasked to treat Tanggol’s wounds and to also make sure that he’s alive.


Comments from netizens

The past week’s episodes served as a bridge to the highly anticipated second book of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo and further allowed us to know better the new characters that will make its narrative more exciting. While the others were already introduced by the end of the week before the last, many of us arguably anticipated the first-ever appearance of Ivana Alawi’s character Bubbles.

But as we look forward on how Bubbles will play an important role in the life of Tanggol, let’s appreciate first some of the remarkable happenings and performances in the last week of Book 1, which warmed our hearts and piqued our annoyance anew.

Many viewers were indeed touched by the solid bond that Tanggol has with his friends, as they refuse to turn their backs at him despite everything that has been happening to them. Similar with Mokang’s relationships with her parents Nita and Marsing, to whom a lot of viewers can probably relate to.

Even though he gets into our nerves most of the time like his favorite son David, we cannot discount the fact that Rigor’s commitment to the “serve and protect” battle cry of the police is quite admirable. The way he courageously argued with Col. Suarez about his convictions and sternly stand by it is also worthy to be appreciated since not everyone can do it.

Of course, his best friend Mando also deserves to be applauded, too, for his genuine love for Rigor and his wife Marites. Although confronting him might result in a misunderstanding between them or even a fall out, but Mando still castigated Rigor regarding his illicit affair with Lena and advised him not to push it through anymore. He advised him, “Kung magloloko ka, huwag muna ngayon…Huwag mo nang dagdagan ang problema ninyo. Masasaktan si Marites.”

Apart from these heartwarming scenes, we also found ourselves moved by the laudable dramatic chops that the casts showcased in the previous week’s episodes. From Coco whose character Tanggol is still crying over situation that he and his loved ones are in and what’s happening between him and the love of his life Mokang, to Charo Santos astounding us with her dramatic moment as she lamented for the conviction of her beloved apo.

But the highlight of the past week could be that scene wherein John and Cherry Pie had an acting showdown as their characters Rigor and Marites once again had a scorching confrontation with regards to Tanggol. They were able to bring us to the edge of our seats with their heated exchange and the intense emotions that they exuded in that particular scene.

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With the release of the trailer for the Book 2 of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, we are all looking forward to see them unfold in the upcoming episodes! So, you better not miss an episode of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.