FPJ’s Batang Quiapo Nov 27 to Dec 1

Kilig and drama dominated the episodes of the previous week (November 27 to December 1) of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo as we witnessed a few cheesy scenes and a lot of drama among the characters.

The prayers of Primo (Lito Lapid) and Amanda (Lorna Tolentino) to Poong Nazareno were indeed heard as they’re able to get away again from the henchmen of Augustus (Julio Diaz), who were hunting them down in the hordes of devotees that flocked at Quiapo Church to celebrate the Feast Day of the Black Nazarene.

Primo and his friends huddled for the next steps they’re going to take. For their first order of business, they would visit the parents of Amanda and her most trusted underlings Eric (Kiko Matos) and Renan to make sure that they’re okay. Even though they have already accomplished their mission of taking back Amanda, Supremo is still keen in exacting vengeance against Augustus, to which she and their friends are will to take part in.

Chief Espinas (Jaclyn Jose) was livid and, at the same time, worried about Tanggol (Coco Martin) and Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) because they were not able to go back to the maximum-security prison after their nail-biting gunfight and motorcycle chase with the authorities. While they initially assumed that Tanggol already took it as a chance to escape, they found reassurance that Bubbles would not let him do it and that all his friends were all able to go back to jail. While their other friends were sent back to their cell, Oweng (Renz Joshua "Baby Giant" Baña) and Ben (Mark Lapid) were returned to the isolation cell as she’s really keen in using them to keep him under their control.

The Montenegros finally found out that it’s Edwin (Ping Medina) who really led the cops to their drug den since he has been on the watchlist for a long time, which their family friend Gen. Rivas related to them. Ramon’s fury amplified as Mokang (Lovi Poe) and her family arrived at the mansion quite late that night from Quiapo after participating in the fiesta.

Assuming that Edwin had already relayed to her his shocking discovery about the Montengro family’s real business, the latter got furious at her and even physically assaulted her. An intense altercation ensued between Ramon (Christopher de Leon) and Mokang, which also infuriated Marcing and prompted the Dimaculangans to flee. But Ramon was able to take Mokang from Marcing and Nita (Susan Africa) and got them kicked out from the mansion.

During their quarrel, Ramon was compelled to finally confess to Mokang about their family’s illegal drug business and the truth behind his real identity. While their marriage is a huge fraud, he assured her that his love for her is genuine. Mokang, meanwhile, expressed resentment for agreeing to be married him and give her entire self to him, which hurt him so much. Thus, he wasn’t able to control his emotions anew and strangled her as he reminded her that they wouldn’t let their relationship end, then locked her up in their room.

Roda (Direk Joel Lamangan) had unexpected guests in Marcing (Pen Medina) and Nita (Susan Africa) as they paid him a visit at their old house where he currently resides and asked if they could stay there. He was initially hesitant to allow them, but Marcing told him that he’s willing to lower the rental fee, to which Roda agreed.

A minion of Ramon paid Edwin a visit at the detention to facility to remind him that something bad would happen to his family once he tells the authorities about Ramon. Edwin assured him that he would not do it and told the Batang Tondos to not rat anyone out to secure their safety. In their attempt to compel Edwin to tell them any name or leads that would point them to the drug syndicate head, Samonte (Jorel Ramirez) and Jacobe (Victor Silayan), together with their subordinates, tortured him to no avail.

Camille (Yukii Takahashi) and Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) noticed the swollen face of Santino (Ronwaldo Martin), which got them so worried. But instead of telling the truth, he told them that he just figured in a scuffle while helping a snatching victim. Thus, Marites asked him not to get himself in trouble again, just like what his Kuya Tanggol did.

A heated altercation once again erupted at the Dimaguiba household as Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy (Lou Veloso) told her that they caught Rigor (John Estrada) being sweet with Lena. They tried to convince her that they’re telling the truth and not falsehoods or hearsays, but Marites didn’t believe them.

As Rigor handed Marites the takeout food given by Lena, Tindeng wasn’t able to contain her temper anymore as she confronted him which he denied and alleged her of just making up stories since he’d been busy with work the entire day. In return, he related to everyone that he heard the name of Tanggol being called out by someone from one of the groups that they encountered, to which Tindeng refused to believe as she thinks that it’s the way of Rigor to divert the attention. Rigor insisted that he’s stating a fact and said that he would kill Tanggol himself so that he’ll stop causing trouble.

Tess attempted to make Rigor confess the truth, but he just lied to her face again. She even tried to be affectionate to him in hopes of rekindling the intimacy between them, yet he just rejected her and dozed off.

The previous week capped off with the intimate moment between Tanggol and Bubbles, which many viewers, perhaps, had been waiting for ever since the teaser for the “Bagong Yugto” of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo was released two months ago.


Comments from netizens

FPJ’s Batang Quiapo didn’t fall short in providing us with kilig and dramatic scenes that were enough to stir us and touch our hearts.

Let’s start off with the cute and cheesy scenes, which include the simple date of Santino with Anika that gives us a hint that they’re going to be the pair to look out for, as well as the cute asaran and quarrel of Tanggol and Bubbles.

But apart from setting the butterflies in our stomachs aflutter, we found ourselves touched as Tanggol imparted to Bubbles the story of his life – from how he never felt love from his parents that turned him into a delinquent to how a woman he truly loved took him for granted and abandoned him. Many were also able to relate when he said that everyone is given the chance to change and turn their lives around. He firmly believes that he would be successful someday and prove the people who judged him wrong, as well as win Mokang back.

With this, we felt sorry about Bubbles because there’s a probability that she would only get hurt if she pursues her special feelings for Tanggol, who is still in love with Mokang. And speaking of Mokang, we also feel the same toward her as we witness her weep and regret for not immediately accepting the love that Tanggol offered to her since it’s genuine.

At the same time, avid viewers were surely disappointed with Marites as she once again sided with her husband and allowed herself to be fooled by him, instead of listening to her mother and believing to her claims. We also find it ridiculous that Rigor promised himself to not let anyone destroy his family.

And ultimately, the plight of Marcing and Nita reminded to be mindful of everything that we do because karma is just around the corner. Their family’s journey has also taught us not to put our trust on anyone immediately and be more careful of the people that we allow in our lives, especially when it comes to the person we would like to end up with.

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