FPJ’s Batang Quiapo March 4 to March 8

The previous week’s (March 4 to March 8) episodes of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo were filled with sadness, joy, kilig, and hope because of what happened in real life and onscreen.

As Tanggol (Coco Martin) was already determined to push through with his escape plan in order to hunt down the husband of Mokang (Lovi Poe) who he assumes is the one who killed her, Marcelo (Nonie Buencamino) was able to convince him to postpone it for the time being in order for him to fully plan and prepare his revenge plot. He also advised him to just strive to be emancipated the legal way and promised to help him execute his plans since he has several connections and bountiful resources outside.

Besides, he made him realize that it is actually going to be more difficult for him to succeed in his mission if he will become a fugitive, so Tanggol followed him in going back to the correctional facility when the police arrived to capture them.

It was also through their conversation at the beerhouse that we found out how he ended up in jail. He is affiliated with Don Facundo (Jaime Fabregas) and was set up by one of their clients during a transaction where he and his sidekick Dante (Dan Alvaro) got arrested. He implied that the reason why he entered the illegal drug trade was for him to become wealthy and be able exact revenge to the family of his ex-flame, who happened to be Olga (Irma Adlawan), after she deserted him and even almost had him killed.  

The next morning, Tanggol’s friends were actually surprised to see him sleeping in his bed. He told them what transpired and how Marcelo’s rational advice changed his mind, which they really found impressive since they all agree that it’s indeed the best thing to do. At the same time, they cautioned him about Marcelo asking him for something in exchange of his kindness toward him – and they were indeed right! Unbeknown to them, Marcelo was being too nice to him since it is his way of winning his favor, so that it will be easy for him to persuade them to join in their syndicate.

Celso (Soliman Cruz) then arrived from the hospital and met the two new inmates, with Marcelo reminding him of someone from the past upon the mention of his full name, yet didn’t mind asking him anymore. He headed to their cell to continue his recuperation, in which he thanked Tanggol and his friends for saving him, his adoptive granddaughter Bubbles (Ivana Alawi), and the other inmates during the riot instigated by Bong (Vandolph Quizon) and his group. Witnessing his potential and strength, Celso wants Tanggol to become his successor when the time comes that he can no longer fulfill his duties as the mayor, to which their respective friends all agreed.

Seeing that the mayor of their cell is already an elderly man, Marcelo discreetly told Dante that he now also aims to become Celso’s replacement in order for him to be able to hold the inmates into his hands and make them obey him. He also got interested with Bubbles, who unbeknown to him is his daughter with Olga.

Before heading back to their cell, Marcelo was able to call Don Facundo to ask him regarding their agreement and to also mention Tanggol and his friends to him. The rich man told him that a lawyer will pay him a visit later that day and agreed to help them with their cases as well, so that Marcelo and Dante can take them out with them.

Ardent supporters of the Tanggol-Bubbles tandem were surely delighted as their ship sailed anew in this week’s episode after his friends relentlessly teased them with each other. While it seems that sparks were already flying between them, the two are apparently not ready yet to commit in a relationship since both of them still have baggage that they find difficult to unload.

During their heart-to-heart talk, Bubbles finally opened up about what happened to her ex-boyfriend Alvin (Kit Thompson), whose tragic death really traumatized her as she got to witness how he was gunned down by the authorities during their encounter with them while robbing a bank. Their situations may be quite parallel, but Bubbles advised Tanggol not to waste his life for Mokang since she’s already dead and nothing can bring her back to life anymore.

Meanwhile, Mando (Allan Paule) and Rigor (John Estrada) were able to glean enough evidences to prove the corrupt practices happening inside the National Correctional Facility (NCF) spearheaded by Jail Chief Dolores Espinas (Jaclyn Jose). Since she already regained her consciousness, they already served her a subpoena while she was still on her hospital bed. Even though she showed him fierceness and even threatened him, Chief Espinas actually got rattled as she immediately discharged herself from the hospital and reported to work. She asked Jail Lt. Antonio Macasantos (Lao Rodriguez) to withdraw all the money their earned from their previous missions and close the bank account holding it, so that Rigor wouldn’t be able to trace it, as well as to burn all their documents regarding it.

Chief Espinas then summoned Tanggol to relay to him that his policeman-father already served her a subpoena and has begun investigating her. As she reminded him of all the good things that she did for him, she asked him to help her get through this trouble by not telling Rigor about anything they do inside the NCF. After their conversation, Macasantos delivered a letter to her containing the list of parolees, which included Bubbles. This shocked both of them, especially her since she did not endorse it, but she will not withhold it and will set her free even though she’s the only one who she trusts inside.

Bubbles was equally surprised as well upon receiving the news from Chief Espinas herself, since she already lost hope to be emancipated from the correctional due to the weight of the crime she committed. She went on to enthusiastically convey it to her Lolo Celso and everyone she considers as her friends and they were all happy for her. Filled with hope, this prompted Tanggol and his friends to asked Marcelo regarding his promise of helping them out, to which he retorted that he will endorse their case to his lawyer who will arrive that day.

Meanwhile, as she roamed around Quiapo in search of Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy (Lou Veloso), Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) bumped into Olga, who once again put on her disguise as Beng. The latter offered to help her in finding the two, but it was Lena (Mercedes Cabral) who they found. Upon learning from Marites that it is Rigor’s alleged illicit affair with Lena that caused the rift among their family, Beng compelled Marites for them to stalk her in order to see for themselves if Tindeng and Noy’s claim was true. They were able to follow her up to her house, but Marites decided to beg off, telling Beng that she wanted to hold to the trust that she still has for her husband.

Unbeknown to them, Lena was able to catch them, so she thought of inviting Rigor to come over her house in order for Marites to finally see for herself that they indeed have an affair. But that plan got botched as Rigor refused her offer since he still had a lot of things to do at work, which really made Lena disgusted.

After their intense face-off on their first-ever meeting, Don Facundo asked his grandson Pablo (Elijah Canlas) to apologize to the fake Hesus Nazareno, a.k.a. David (McCoy de Leon). Pablo heeded his grandpa’s command, which David accepted, and they went on to have a business meeting.


It wasn’t only his brothers who had scenes this week, but Santino as well, played by Ronwaldo Martin. As he started his training for his upcoming match, he was reprimanded by Coach Gary (Levi Ignacio) for his unimpressive performance. Santino reasoned out that he actually found it difficult to focus because of their problems at home, not to mention that his parents are also not aware of his foray in boxing, which worries him so much. Thus, Coach Gary reminded him of his reason for doing to it, which are to become a boxing champion and be able to help his family. His rival Lawrence (Paolo Gumabao) then approached him, trying to earn his trust only to knock him out in the end.


Tweets from netizens

As we all know, this week had been a tough and sad one not just for the people comprising FPJ’s Batang Quiapo and the entire Philippine showbiz, but for avid fans and showbiz onlookers as well, due to the unforeseen demise of veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, who plays the significant role of Chief Dolores Espinas.

While we mourn this huge loss, we are also baffled about what’s going to happen next to her well-loved character. As we could still see her very much alive in the scenes of Chief Espinas, especially that she is able to survive the fatal gunshot wound she sustained during the riot at the correctional, it’s indeed difficult for us to think that she is already gone for good.

Aside from watching some of the final scenes shot by Jaclyn, we also anticipated the scenes of Coco Martin and Ivana Alawi as the ship of the Tanggol-Bubbles tandem set sail again. For sure, their avid shippers weren’t able to contain their kilig as we saw them share several sweet and heartwarming moments together. As Bubbles is poised to get out of jail soon, we wonder how they’re going to be reunited in the outside world.

Although we’re well-aware that their kindness was superficial, some viewers were touched by what Marcelo and Olga did to Tanggol and Marites, respectively. We were impressed by the nuggets of wisdom they imparted to them, which indeed helped the two realize the right things that they must do.

We liked it when Marcelo advised Tanggol, “Dapat ‘yong mga papasukin nating giyera, nakahanda tayo. Hindi ‘yong padalos-dalos kang papasok, mapusok ang damdamin, walang plano.” The same goes with Olga’s advice to Tess about Lena, which was, “Meron bang kabit na umaamin sa asawa? Lahat ng kabit ang tingin nila sa asawa, kompetisyon.” 

Of course, comments about the nastiness of Rigor and David, as well as the cuteness of Elijah Canlas.

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